This nicely-produced, four-minute feature taken from the Blizzcon 2011 Virtual Ticket shows DiabloWikiChris Metzen (and lots of artwork and video clips) as he talks about the lore and history of the Diablo series, and gives some insight into the plot of Diablo III. There’s nothing “new” but it’s a good summation of past events as they lead into the story of the game.

    A quick summary of his address:

    DiabloWikiDeckard Cain is a key figure in the series and his journals collect his research and knowledge about the Prime and Lesser Evils. There are some powers of the DiabloWikiHigh Heavens " target="_new">Burning Hells that we haven’t seen yet, and Cain believes they’ll soon arise, leading their forces towards the final conflagration between the DiabloWikiHigh Heavens and Hell, which will take place on the mortal plane.

    The game begins with the falling star (meteor) crashing into the DiabloWikiTristram Cathedral. Cain believes that this is the first sign of the apocalypse, though there’s far from universal agreement on that point. DiabloWikiLeah, for instance, doesn’t really believe the legends. She’s Cain’s adopted niece and a key character in the story. Metzen says that they’ve really tried to make Leah likable. (So we’ll be distraught when bad things happen to her…?) She’s meant to represent hope and the best qualities of humanity.

    Metzen stresses that the first Diablo games were very dark, and that they needed to be. Metzen says he’s long felt that the story of the Diablo series is potentially the most interesting of any of Blizzard’s franchises. He was very motivated to be sure that this long-delayed sequel rose to the challenge and gave the most detailed and sharpest look at the series yet. And he’s confident that it does so.

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