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This one went up last week but I’d overlooked it until now. It’s a short video interview of Blizzard’s Lore guy and fashion icon DiabloWikiChris Metzen, speaking Red shirt guy is watchingsome of the Diablo III story stuff. There’s nothing spoiler-y in this; no specifics about the game’s story at all, but there were some other intriguing tidbits. Here are quick notes on some of Metzen’s main points:

  • Diablo III is all about pacing. Their task is to keep the story progressing without slowing down the play experience.
  • They worked to construct Diablo III so it could welcome in new players who don’t know anything about the game world and don’t know or care about the lore and background story.
  • One of the themes in the game is the unique nature of humanity in DiabloWikiSanctuary. The fact that all humans are descendants of the DiabloWikiNephalem, who were both of DiabloWikiAngels and DiabloWikiDemons. Why is it that your DiabloWikiBarbarian can do this super DiabloWikiWhirlwind skill when other humans can not?
  • Blizzard has teams of DiabloWikilore historians who help police their game worlds. It’s hard to keep all the details straight, especially as the worlds grow larger and more complex with each game, and there are multiple people adding facts and details. They’re trying to do a better job these days about recording details and keeping straight their continuities. (Red shirt guy is watching.)

The video is embedded below.Clicky-clicky.

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16 thoughts on “Chris Metzen Interview @ G4TV

  1. Flex u’re doing a great job. Since the beta announcement and you’ve been providing several posts on daily basis. I’ve been following other websites like diablofans, and they haven’t posted much since then. thank you.

    • “Flex?”  LOL.

      I enjoy busy news times since there’s lots to post about. Those usually only happen during Blizzcon, and since I’m at Blizzcon I’m always too busy playing the demo and filming panels and such to do much site stuff. So then I’m just playing catch up the next week when I”m back home. This burst of info has been nice, since I’ve been able to post stuff as it’s going on.

      And not to critique the editorial focus of other fansites, but our goal here is to share with you all the info, no matter where it is, since we’re confident we do the best coverage and content. We don’t just link to our own features and hope you won’t see that other sites are doing a better job.

  2. I don’t understand how they changed the lore so much from Blizzard North’s version.  It goes from an epic battle in Heaven to just fighting in Sanctuary again? I kind of want Blizzard North’s battle in Heaven Diablo 3 along with this Diablo 3 because now it feels like I am missing out.  Maybe Diablo 4 or an expansion pack will go back to that Heaven battle theme?
    Also, those Blizzard North Heaven screen shots and art design I actually just saw today.  They look great for the year they came out in and look a lot more Diabloy than the new WoWy art direction.

    • Its hard to say what the story will entail, since no one’s played through it yet. You may get your wish, or maybe even more than you wished for =0

  3. Well, don’t lose hope entirely just yet. 90% of the screenshots you’ve seen are just from acts 1 and 2, and there are 4 confirmed acts in the game, not to mention the expansions to come. Some are suggesting that the meteor that falls in the game teaser is in fact Tyrael, so all in all I’m sure something Heaven + Hell related will happen in the next acts.

    • Actually, 100% of the screenshots we’re seeing are from Act 1 and Act 2. 😉

      Unless you count the one Arena map we’ve seen. And really, it’s got to be 80% Act One; we’ve only seen a very little of Act 2; surface desert and one tile set of dungeon.

  4. Great job Flux. Now we all expect a great podcast so beprepared to work it. This interview was great to hear how there are others that help with staying true to the diablo world. No imps and no knomes.

    • Sadly the podcast got eated by a crash on my tower. I had to put in a new power supply and HD this week. But we’re rerecording this weekend. It should be a better show actually. I can pare off the topics that didn’t work as well, and streamline the overall thing, since it definitely ran long in our first rehearsal. Next week should be crazy busy for podcasts; one per day, probably.

      • Keep up the good work. Your passion does not go unrewarded. I will pay you in gold when I get my d3 game(not the beta). We should all pitch in and make Flux rich. I will get you 5k the first week. Imagine if everyone on this forum did that…

  5. Is Chris wearing two watches in this video?
    Follow-up questions: Why? And is the one on his right arm a woman’s watch?

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