Chinese Site Leaks Full Auction House Info

A Chinese site has posted their full report on Diablo III’s new Auction House feature. It’s all in Chinese of course, but they include numerous annotated screenshots and translated official FAQs. You can dive into it via Google translation, or join our overloaded D3 community forum rush to dig through the language barrier.

We’re still holding off on our info posts until midnight, though it’s looking less and less viable to wait for the NDA, since we’re not even bound by it, while people who are are disregarding it.

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    15 thoughts on “Chinese Site Leaks Full Auction House Info

    1. You can sell CHARACTERS!? Well… there goes my pre-order. And how will gold be valuable if people can just buy you out with cash? Fuck Blizzard.

      • Probably you can buy NPC’s (like a fully learned artisan)
        I dont think buying player characters would be the intention of blizz

    2. With all the Gateway Timeouts that I am getting on here tonight, I say you release it now, and just maybe I will see it by 3 AM (EST) 😛

    3. Buying characters and gold for real money? What the hell? I guess Blizzard is now in business with the Chinese farming groups.

    4. Okay, real money for items and gold.. bad enough, but so be it. Real money for characters though, what the hell?   Characters will not define skill, items will not define dedication – how will you define a skilled/dedicated character/player? Purely pvp based? I think this will have a large affect on the endgame, when anyone can just purchase their way in… <facepalms>

    5. AHhahhahahaha… well here is to hoping Blizzard HQ gets hit by a meteor and D3 never comes out to taint the memory of the real Diablo

    6. So everyone is thinking about people *buying* characters.  Isn’t anyone here excited about *selling* items and characters and making REAL MONEY?  This happens all the time in D2 and WoW through 3rd party sites – much more secure going through a Blizzard sponsored channel.  I think everyone is piling on without thinking about the benefits.

    7. It was inevitable. With so many D2 item selling sites that is right choice made by Blizzard. They just put part of the game that was out of the game in the game.
      Now there will be D3 progamers – people that work D3 and sell items for living.

    8. I see it this way: Blizzard is going to war with D2jsp and other sites. And Blizz has a real chance to win. Ideally this will push D2jsp back to D2, which in time will become niche market. But life will evaluate these plans in its own time.

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