China gets Diablo 3 release with own servers

Diablo 3 china teaser


After some teasing over the weekend. Blizzard in China revealed that Diablo 3 was coming to China and they will have their very own servers.

The reveal was teased with a series of images over on the Chinese site (see right) and the  announcement was finally accompanied by a special trailer.

Thanks Saintmek for posting and Cloud Liu for mailing it in.

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  1. About darn time… I hear China players are overflowing the ANZ Server a bit according to some peeps on my social list who live down there

  2. OK, now when gold miners will be on their own server, maybe it's time to AuctionHouse 2.0 and no BOA ?

  3. Not gonna work. It's the Western people buying gold, not the chinese. Yeah, ok, maybe they also buy, but not at the same price.
    Also, if Legs are out of BOA again, "gold miners" will most likely be chinese, yes (or, most likely BOTs), but the companies selling stuff will be from EU/US.

  4. Bet the hacks will come thick and fast now.

  5. wow so long to wait. Why such a long delay. Too gory, did it have to be reworked some before being released there?

  6. IIRC chinese games can't technically have skeletons in them so I think that may be part of it.

  7. Are you sure it's not Diablo *one*?

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