Chat Gem = Random Build

We posted about Blizzard’s update to their official D3 site with skills, runes, and build calculator the night the feature went live (though for some reason a lot of you guys didn’t notice the post, as many news emails as we’ve received about it since). No one had noticed the cute Easter Egg on the page at that point, though.

If you click the chat gem at the D2 chat gem on any class page, it gives you a random build, with all the skills and runes sorted for you. Useless, and yet cute and fun to click on… much like the D2 chat gem itself! Thanks to numerous emailers and Adree’s forum post for the tip.

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13 thoughts on “Chat Gem = Random Build

  1. All this time I’ve been trying to figure out the wackiest builds possible and turns out Blizzard made a button that does all the work for me?!

  2. Wow, that’s… interesting… maybe if we click it enough times it will come up with a genius build that no one’s ever thought of… kind of like the monkeys with typewriters that eventually create shakespeare… now I’m tempted to click it a bunch of times just to see what it comes up with…

  3. The easter egg must be new. I tried clicking the gem while building a witch doctor after reading the previous news post. It didn’t do anything at the time.

    • Must be. I checked the JavaScript for the button a few days ago (see older thread) and it was just a commented out joke function about giving you a beta key. Pretty funny, but the new function actually sounds fun.

  4. It also seems they changed the art of runes with this new feature, because previously the socketed runes were maximum quality art as I remember and now they are the simple rank one symbols. Wonder why is the change…

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