This image was taken inside Blizzard HQ from a game Design Board from a design meeting. Yes, it’s true!

    We can see “Rainbows – 27”, as well as information about the Chat Gem design, and what it might or might not do in the gameplay. This includes a mention that the chat gem would be important to gain access to the Cow Level.

    Now, if you haven’t seen IGN’s little web series with Jace Hall before, you might get all excited. Unfortunately, the Jace Hall Show is basically a spoof show similar to The Onion, and in this case, Blizzard is in on the joke, having a laugh.

    In this scene from his new trailer of the upcoming third season, Jace is visiting a Blizzard design meeting, and the camera “accidentally” pans over the design board, with this “secret” information on it. The team gets upset when they realize they are sneaking this “secret” information, and it’s all pretty funny.

    See the full trailer after the break. Thanks StarCraft: IncGamers for the tip.

    Small update, as Bashiok comments on the visit by Jace:

    Jace Hall stopped by our offices recently to see how the Blizzard magic happens, and despite our very stern requests brought cameras with him to film it. We also think he may have stolen something. Anyway, you won’t want to miss the first two episodes of the new season.

    (Jace, please return the calls from our legal council. Thank you.)

    Season 3.0 of the Jace Hall Show kicks off this Friday, January 29.

    If anyone can spot Bashiok in the shots, you get a bonus cookie!

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