We’ve posted all of the character skills from Blizzcon, but until now, no one had posted an image of the new, three-in-one skill trees. Well, that’s still true, at least until Blizzard releases an official image. What we’ve got is the next best thing, a home made version of the Barbarian’s new skill tree. All of the skill names, locations, dependencies, skill rune slots, and tiers are correct, as of the Blizzcon 2009 game build. It’s just kinda… fugly. Hey, I do content and news, not graphic design.

    What we’re looking for is some fan with design skills who’d like to help us spruce up the look of this, and create a template that can be adapted for the Wizard and Witch Doctor skill trees as well. We’ve got all the info and charts; we just need some snazzier graphics. Perhaps even in the form of a browser based java thingie that would be clickable and hoverable? If you’re interested, want to see the full sized Barbarian skill tree, or just want to read along, check out the relevant thread in our Fan Creations forum.

    Update: Some excellent first drafts have been turned in, and the rough skill trees for all 4 characters are now displayed in the thread.

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