We’ve added more cool images from the press kit to the Diablo 3 Interface folder in our all-encompassing image gallery. this bunch showing off various character selection options, the Battle.net party system between games, the friends list, and even a WoW dude in your D3 game, courtesy of cross-game chat. You can talk about rainbows!

    Besides the coolness of the new interfaces and features, some of the characters are well worth closer study. For instance, there’s a Hardcore Clvl 39 Monk in one shot, who is wearing DiabloWikiMonk gear unlike any we’ve ever seen, since the Monks have never been featured in any of the DiabloWikiGear Set pics, and all of their concept art shows the same basic unarmored saffron robe/white pants kit.

    There are seven shots in all, two of which we got a sneak preview of yesterday, when they were leaked from an unknown German (?) source. All can be seen in very large size and high quality, so start clicking.

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