An unknown fan put together some charts showing how many DiabloWikiskills, DiabloWikipassive skills, and DiabloWikirune effects each class gains at each level. They’re low-tech images; no hovering to see the names of the skills that are coming online, but it’s interesting to compare how these goodies are spread out. (Use Bola Shot on Blizzard’s site for that.) Yes, the Wizard still has more skills than anyone else, with that rock-steady 3 rune effects per level, from here to infinity.

    We may yet see more juggling of these levels pre-launch, of course, as much as they’ve changed over the last months of the beta. Also note that there’s no logical system or algebraic rate of increase to the numbers; some skills show clumps and gaps in their rune effects and they’ve they have clearly been hand-sorted for maximum freshness and buoyancy.

    For example, Bola Shot comes in at 11, and its rune effects are at 14, 24, 37, 51, 57. That’s by no means the most irregular skill; just one I noticed in the beta since the level 14 rune is so desirable, comes so soon after the skill itself (does any other skill have the first rune effect just 3 levels higher?), and yet remained just out of beta reach.

    Here’s the Barbarian; click through to see the other four; all are full-sized, so just scroll down; no clicking required.

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