IGN had the bright idea of using their private interview time with Jay Wilson, during the media event last week, to have him give short summaries of each of the five character classes in Diablo III. They don’t seem to have told Jay about this in advance though, so his answers are clearly off the cuff and not as smooth as they would be if delivered at something like a Blizzcon panel.

    There’s no new info in them, just general class play and plot info, but IGN did stick in some gameplay footage to spice up the visuals. You can see all five embedded in this post; here’s the Barbarian; click through to view the rest in alphabetical order.

    DiabloWikiBarbarian class info:

    DiabloWikiDemon Hunter class info:

    DiabloWikiMonk class info:

    DiabloWikiWitch Doctor class info:

    DiabloWikiWizard class info:

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