Character Names To Remain Irrelevant in Diablo III

During the beta we saw a lot of negative fan feedback about the fact that you hardly ever see the name of your character in Diablo III. It displays in the character selection screen, and sort of in the chat, but on the Friends List and in game, where you’ll spend 99% of your time on, you only ever see the BattleTag for yourself and other players.

Fans basked in a ray of hope back in March when Bashiok said that changes would be made before the final game to make character names more visible.

You’ve been heard! There’s a clean up pass coming for BattleTag in the near-ish future that should resolve most of the issues with a BattleTag being displayed instead of a character name, or a character name not being displayed at all. I think it may also line up with some fixes for BattleTags here on the forums. Although I’ll still think of you all as my little D3BETA’s… *sniff*

BattleTag is still intended to be your big overarching account-wide identifier that will follow you from Blizzard game to Blizzard game, but individual character identity is still obviously very important.

Sadly, word comes today that he was mistaken.

Will it be possible to see only “Barbaros, Level 6 Barbarian, in a Public Game?”
Lylirra: Not really? While you’ll be able to see your own character name (and while there will be situations when other players can see your character’s name, too), your BattleTag nickname will be your primary form of identification. It’s what players will see both in Public Games and most prominently in the friends list.

Lylirra, can we get some clarification on where character names show up vs. Battletag?
Sure thing! When Diablo III launches, your character name will be visible to you in a variety of locations including the character selection screen and game menu. For other players, your character’s name will only appear within your player profile, as hover text the friends list, and when your character participates in quest dialog. In every other context, your BattleTag will be shown.

Bashiok: To reiterate what Lylirra said, this is the initial implementation and we’re very open to feedback once the game launches and everyone has had more time to mess around with things. Just hold up, give it a chance, and then let us know how it’s working out for you after release.

Terrible decision. I guess instead of coming up with a creative name for each of my characters, I’ll instead randomly smash my keyboard with my fist to generate a name.
Bashiok: Character names will still be displayed in a number of locations, and more to come, including the website. I’d highly recommend you not do that.

We were getting some fan rage about this issue even before this whole thread today, and I doubt the explanations of the CMs will do much to calm players who miss being able to establish a sort of identity for each of their characters. In Diablo III, you are your account, so make a new BattleTag to attach your copy of D3 to and give it a great name, or use your one time BattleTag change to come up with something cool, since that’s what other D3 players are going to know you as.

Click through to read the whole thread, which started with an official announcement and included some SC2 and WoW-related stuff I didn’t quote above.

The full thread:

We recently updated the BattleTag FAQ and website to include updated information about the BattleTag™ system, including how the system will work once Diablo III is released, what StarCraft II and World of Warcraft players will see when chatting with their BattleTag nicknames, and our future plans for the service.

Create Your BattleTag

If you haven’t yet created a BattleTag, be sure to check out these resources and set up your BattleTag nickname as soon as possible, as it will be required to play Diablo III. You can quickly create your BattleTag or use your one free BattleTag change here:

Cross-Game Chat

Please note that while BattleTag-based cross-game chat will be supported in both StarCraft II and World of Warcraft at the launch of Diablo III, you will only have the ability to send and accept BattleTag friend requests when logged in to Diablo III. This means that in order to chat with a friend in StarCraft II or World of Warcraft using your BattleTag ID, you must first send or accept a BattleTag friend request in Diablo III. We’ll be adding in the ability to send and accept BattleTag friend requests in StarCraft II and World of Warcraft in the future.

For more information about BattleTags, be sure to check out the FAQ and website page linked above. We’ll have more details to share as development continues, so stay tuned!

Will there be a character specific or Diablo III specific friendslist as well, or is BattleTag the only way to add friends in Diablo III?
There will only be two levels of friendships in Diablo III when the game launches: Real ID friends and BattleTag friends. Character-level friendships like you have in World of Warcraft won’t exist in Diablo III, so if you want to another player as a friend, you’ll need to add them as a BattleTag friend or a Real ID friend.

Will it be possible to see only “Barbaros, Level 6 Barbarian, in a Public Game?”
Not really? While you’ll be able to see your own character name (and while there will be situations when other players can see your character’s name, too), your BattleTag nickname will be your primary form of identification. It’s what players will see both in Public Games and most prominently in the friends list.

Hope that answers your questions!

im sure its just a small bit of confusing text there but you really mean

“We’ll be adding in the ability to send BattleTag friend requests in StarCraft II and World of Warcraft in the future.”

Nope! The original sentence is correct. Currently, you can only create BattleTag friendships while logged into Diablo III. This includes both sending requests and accepting them.

In the future, we’ll be opening up the ability for players to send and accept BattleTag requests in StarCraft II and World of Warcraft. When that functionality is added, we’ll be sure to provide more information on how the whole process will work, including what things will look like from the UI side and how BattleTag will integrate into Real ID and other existing chat systems.

So you HAVE to have a Battle Tag in order to play Diablo 3, but my question is, do I HAVE to use my “free change” that they gave everyone?
Nope! The name change is completely optional. It’s there for you if you need it.

Or can I just keep the one I have now?

Will I be able to play Diablo3 with my current Battle Tag?

Lylirra, can we get some clarification on where character names show up vs. Battletag?
Sure thing! When Diablo III launches, your character name will be visible to you in a variety of locations including the character selection screen and game menu. For other players, your character’s name will only appear within your player profile, as hover text the friends list, and when your character participates in quest dialog. In every other context, your BattleTag will be shown.

Also, just to clarify, your BattleTag identifier (the numbers appended to the end of your BattleTag nickname) will only be visible in the “Add Friend” dialog and on a player’s profile page. When you’re just playing normally in a group, your BattleTag nickname should display.

So Bashiok basically lied then?
No, but we did miscommunicate, and that’s our bad.

To help clear up that confusion, the current design is something we feel pretty confident in. Even after carefully reviewing all of your feedback and analyzing the pros and cons of the system, we found that BattleTags are a better way (overall) to personally identify individuals from game to game, even if they change characters.

It helps players build up street cred, or even the opposite type of experiences where you’d want to avoid another player entirely — something that would only be possible with an account-wide nickname. As a result, we felt that confusing BattleTags with character names in Diablo III was detrimental to those types of benefits.

We know that some of you may disagree with that approach, and that’s totally fine. We just encourage you to give BattleTags a chance when Diablo III releases so you can see how the system works in the actual game environment. You might find that you actually like it! Or, you might not, and we’d love to hear your feedback either way. 🙂

No, but we did miscommunicate, and that’s our bad.
Specifically mine. Sorry. :

To reiterate what Lylirra said, this is the initial implementation and we’re very open to feedback once the game launches and everyone has had more time to mess around with things. Just hold up, give it a chance, and then let us know how it’s working out for you after release.

Terrible decision.

I guess instead of coming up with a creative name for each of my characters, I’ll instead randomly smash my keyboard with my fist to generate a name.
Character names will still be displayed in a number of locations, and more to come, including the website. I’d highly recommend you not do that.

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103 thoughts on “Character Names To Remain Irrelevant in Diablo III

  1. Thank you for this article Flux. This is an issue I hope gets some traction. I was one of the ones complaining about this issue back in beta and was quelled by Bashiok’s statement. Blizzard’s stance on this issue and the way they have handled the feedback has started to really shake my confidence in them, and I’m someone who has generally been happy with their design decisions all the way up to this point. 

    • Raesene you say it like it is.  We are not Starcraft players, spamming the handles of “gosu” Korean mega-players to our friends.  Are the players who don’t care really fans of the RPG genre?  This is a betrayal of the role-playing element that Blizzard is so keen to emphasize in their marketing. BETRAYAL I TELL YOU!
      This move will only encourage people to name characters like WhirlwindBarb and WTFurFACE, which we had enough of in D2.  Have some class people.
      Captcha: wishy-washy 😛

      • I’ll likely use the “toss cat onto keyboard” method for char naming now. Or do what I’ve seen a few people suggest in the forums, and just call them “PVPbarbarian” or “HCwizard” or whatever, so I can select them from my character roster without a second of trying to remember what that char was built for.

    • Something wrong happened when I sent my comment and 99% of the message didn’t appear. I’m not in the mood to write it all again. **** that lol…

  2. I don’t get what the whole issue is. I actually prefer the battletag system. Then at least I can recognize my friends instead of having to remember each and every one of their character’s names!

      • I can’t speak for everyone, but I think “both” is the goal. BattleTags are very functionally convenient, but only seeing that Tag in-game breaks any immersion or illusion of an RP in the G.  For yourself and for others.

        Players wanted character names to show up, with an option to see battletags also, or to show those only on char inspection or something optional.

        • Agreed. The option to see both or one or the other is the best solution. Blizzard has to remember the genre this game is in. It’s not some RTS where the player is in charge of a multitude of units. It’s one CHARACTER. One identity PER CHARACTER. Allow us to differentiate them. 

          Blizzard, this is a customer service decision, and by ignoring our preferences you’re stating the whole BattleTag agenda is more important to the company. Don’t alienate your players like that, guys. We’re paying your salaries. 

      • What is the better way, according to you?

        The only better way I can think of, is replacing all references to your own character with your character’s name and replacing all references to party member’s characters with their battletags. That way you see your own character’s names, but you see your friend’s battletags for easy recognition.

        • Personally, I’d like to see all character names in public games (possibly with a discoverable BattleTag) and all BattleTags in a friends list, and the BattleTags in your friends list should be re-namable on your end.

        • They could have them only display your character name in-game, but display it as CharName (BattleTag) in the friends list and maybe if you right click -> profile on the character ingame.  Honestly, there has plenty of games in the past – including MMOs, other RPGs, any online Steam game (like DOTA2), etc. – where you identify yourself by your character name only and it has never caused any confusion.  Unnecassary change is unnecessary.  I don’t see how having your char name pop up in quest dialog and then have your battletag in the chatbox and next to your name is any less confusing. I’m pretty sure you keep contact of more people in an MMO than an ARPG like D3, so i don’t know why they bother to strip away a customization feature for.

          • Or just provide an option to display BattleTag, Character, or both.  Really not hard to satisfy everyone here.

            * Insert typical Jay Wilson excuse about providing so many options that the options screen drowns new players.
            * Insert typical rebuttal that many games have done just fine in providing tons of accessibility without drowning new players in the options menus by having sane defaults.
            * Realization that Blizzard is too proud to take outside advice and the argument is futile. 

      • He doesn’t “act like there isn’t a better way to handle the entire system.” Saying “I like this system” doesn’t mean he thinks the system is perfect, or that another hypothetical system couldn’t possibly be better. He pointed out some of the pros of the current battle tag system. That doesn’t suggest that there aren’t also flaws there – but whether those flaws are significant enough to impact the game experience is another matter entirely, and one largely based on personal opinion.

    • Just name your characters the same name as your battletag and tell your friends to do the same.
      Stupid you say? thats the whole point – we dont want our characters with our real name!!!
      captha – end of story

      • i did that in the beta… and then when i ended up with 3 wizards all with the same name i got confused!  my plan is honestly just to do what i do in most games, make all my character’s some derivative of the base name (my battle tag) i always use, with flavor based on class and type.

    • The issue is that I don’t want all my D3 friends to know about all my D3 toons. Just because you know my WD doesn’t mean I want you to know my DH.

      • Tough luck, then. You’ll need to buy multiple accounts if you want to maintain any sort of separation between your online identities.

    • All my D2 character names were xXpvp-(insert generic related class name here)Xx anyway.

  3. I loved the idea of naming my characters.  I still do.  But in practice, the implementation was a bit messy for my tastes.  Playing with my brother, I had a BattleTag, RealID and Character name all in play at the same time.  It’s clumsy to me.

  4. yeah, it feels broken.
    We keep seeing battletags 90% of the time. Then, when i’m reading quest subtitles and i see my character’s name, my brain tells me: “SugarBarb? who the f* is that?, oh its me”.

    • Yeah… to decrease confusion, they increase confusion… makes logical sense to me :mrgreen:
      It’s like how they disable advanced tooltips by default, and people don’t even realize that advanced tooltips exist unless they look it up or someone tells them.  I don’t see how easily comparing skill values is noob-unfriendly at all.

      • Or “elective mode”, now newbs that don’t know wtf it is or wtf it does can enjoy their inherently gimped characters.
        Captcha: oops a daisy 

  5. A simple solution would be to show the name and the battletag.

    If your character’s name is Merlin and your battletag is Steve –> Merlin (Steve)

    Like that everyone would be happy and you could recognize your friends.

    • Nah. That would make too much sense.
      Or in the flist showing “BattleTag” and then underneath “Playing as Name” 

      • The friends list already does show “BattleTag, playing as CharacterName”. Perhaps you were bringing this up to sarcastically mock their system, but if so, I’m not sure I understand your criticism or how it relates to what Tomsch was suggesting.

    • Basically, just like it was in D2 when you joined/left a game. It should be entirely BattleTag in friends lists only, where it actually has a use (and the profile section or whatever). In public games, character names should be used – I feel like a prisoner looking at my BattleTag in public games; “my character’s more than just a BattleTag!”

      Hell, if they had a half-decent friends list UI (pah!), maybe they could add the option to rename your friends according to how you best remember them (real name, character name, or leave it default as their BattleTag) – ofcourse, all messages would still act as though you’re interacting with the BattleTag.

      • Because skype and other socializing soft let you re-name your friends as you like, doesn’t mean that Blizz will do the same. Actually, it means the opposite: Blizz will do something completely different, cause they are revolutionizing cyberspace. 0.2, it’s so good to know that you will stay!

  6. Based on my brief experience with beta, I actually liked my wife’s battletag name more than her character name.  Thus I actually like it this way.   Their argument makes a lot of sense in terms of being able to really identify other players.  In WoW, it was always a pain to tell other players who I was when on an alt.  Not to mention keeping track of other players alts.  If any of us play D3 and try to meet a bunch of new people, this really is a better system.  

    I feel the only important thing about what I named my character is that I personally know it’s identity.  It’s very clear in my mind which character I’m playing and what that character has accomplished.   To random stranger, who cares…I want them to remember me no matter what character I’m on.  I’m sure serious role players will strongly disagree with me and Blizzard.  I guess we’ll see if it’s a majority or not after release.  

    • Part of the reason I played WoW alts was to play more anonymously. Being harassed to get on my healer because of an account-wide identifier like a Battle-tag would have sucked.

      • Diablo and WoW are very different games – you don’t need “healers” in Diablo to get by. And if these people are harassing you, perhaps they’re not worthwhile as friends? 😛

        Seriously though, I do think a “go invisible” option would be great for With the RealID system you can set your status to “busy” or “away”, and systems like that could help with the battle tags too.

  7. Fine with me.  Kept things nice and simple in the beta.  That said, it would be nice to show the char name AS WELL, perhaps a smaller font or something.

    I don’t even know who the f*** is logged on as an alt at any given moment in WoW.  My guild roster has ~380 people in it and I know there aren’t more than 50 actual IRL members.  That is what happens when you display character names instead of battletags. Let’s do both.

  8. “In Diablo III, you are your account.” ’nuff said…

    I don’t get what’s so difficult in having “Character_Name (Battle_Tag)” in the upper left corner instead of just the battle tag? I don’t get it I don’t get it. Blizzard takes every feeling of actually having some kind of Role-Play feeling. Well, there are a lot of games where you don’t have the chance to name your characters, but then you are not forced to give them some name you kinda set up for your account (and have to share it with up to 9 other characters!) 

  9. I guess you will all know me as stonerdoom.  But I still have my free battletag respec if I want. I think if we must adapt to this, then they should give us more than one respec. I know it sounds juvenile, but if we’re getting only one name essentially for all of diablo-dom then give us a couple…how ’bout 3?

  10. I like the idea of the battle tag system, really.  Just reminds me of the *accountnames that are on the old  You could friend a character, or friend their account.  If they friended you back you could see what character they were on.  Seems similar but more refined this way.  I do agree that, if character names don’t show up that often, we should see the [email protected] or something in the chat box for dialogue.

  11. Flux: this is a horrible issue and Blizz is the ultimate baddie! They’re abusing the community! Get mad guys, this is  BIG DEAL and I’m totally spinning it to make it sound worse than it is! /rant /pout /cry

    Community: /shrug. This makes it really easy to identify Koreans. GJ Blizz. 

    • Even the fanboys such as yourself are having an issue with this in the official forums. So I guess this is another case of “I don’t care so you’re an idiot” at work?

      • The usage of the word fanboy makes me puke a little in my mouth.

        Second, in what world is showing the name of a character better than the name of the account?

        With old d2 style you could play with the same guy 3 times on one day without knowing it. And who really cares about what other people name their third ALT char? Wouldn’t you rather be known as Risingred to others rather than RisingredBowzon, Billybob and TLDRisingSorc.

        Yes I just came up with those name. you are free to take em if you like. 

        • Namely, in the world of DIABLO, where we’re all trying to play.  Some of us care more about immersion than others, but it sort of kills the mood when you see Billybob running around.  It’s the End of Days not the End of N00bs.

          Apparently it requires too much intelligence to think of a character name appropriate to the game world. I was hoping the inferior RPGers would stay in WoW. /diehard 😉

        • Even that doesn’t make him unique though. Battletags aren’t unique, and the number suffix isn’t displayed in game either. It’s very possible that hundreds of people could be Risingred.

      • I was actually just laughing about the general reaction to the post. Trolling even. I like Flux and appreciate the work he puts in.

  12. Pawned.

    Anyway, yeah, this is pretty dumb. IMHO, it would make much more sense to have it the “traditionnal” way, meaning the Character name shown in-game under portrait etc, and the BattleTag on mouse over.

    This is the same, just inverted and more like everybody (yeah, even you people who say it’s fine and you like it that way) is used to have in 100% of the games. Well, the games that do things proper, that is.

  13. I don’t know if using Character_name (Battle_tag) system is the best one, becouse it can be too long in some cases and also it’s better when there’s only one name for player in the party, so I think that it should be character name, but with some possibility to check out battle tag name. For example battle teg could be shown when hovering over characters icon (Character_name played by Battle_tag) or something…

    • Yep, like I said : basically just like they plan to do it, but simply inverted.

  14. This is INCREDIBLY frustrating to me. I have not played the beta so this was an issue I never saw coming. Is Blizzard really that dumb? It really does seem as though they are trying to gut the characters of all RP value/identity and turn them solely into loot gathering machines for the endgame. My expectations for this game have been steadily lowering, as the game may not be catering to my RP loving demographic. Meh, I should at least enjoy the story, just questioning whether it’s worth 60 bucks. Because of the amazing music, I’m leaning towards yes.

  15. Next up, Blizzard will convince community that burning D3x onto dvd’s made out of razors and broken glass is actually a good thing.
    Way to be gullible…

  16. Everyone should name their character goldfarmer1, 2, 3, 4 etc. because that’s all this game is you know, a gold farming game where you farm gold for the Blizz CORP. Or rather, cash farming. This is just like that one book I saw the movie version of all over again. Because that’s what Blizz CORP is telling us, our identities don’t matter, so long as we make them money. What’s next? Micro-chips in our brains? Telescreens watching us write in our journals!? Gah, how can you people be so complacent!? Damn proles!

  17. Blizzard continues to make idiotic decisions. Displaying the battletag rather than the character’s name is just pure stupid.

    • I wholeheartedly agree. This is utter Bullsh it ! And I don´t buy the “miscommunication” excuse one second. They knew it was coming and wanted to avoid the shitstorm.
      What is the point then only being able to get 12 characters in a name and not being able to pick a Name and Surname ? If they leave it that way, why can´t we name our characters like with 15 characters and two names ?
      I am all for the (Character Name) (Battletag) Naming solution. Or (Battletag) (Character Name).
      Why don´t they do this ? This CAN´T be a biggie !

  18. I just play and kill things with my characters. Who really cares what your battletag name is or that it is showing. Next Tuesday we all get to play for real this time. That is all that matters.

    • Roleplayers do. For some its part of the immersion. “Who really cares ?” Many do. It´s like it was with the “HC after full playthrough” solution. For You it´s unimportant because it doesn´t concern You. But don´t piss on our parties by telling us its worthless for everybody anyway.

        • just because you don’t care about story and immersion and the value of a good solid role playing game, does not mean that others share your opinion.
          yes diablo 3 is going to be a huge click kill click kill loot slot machine.  but for a VERY large group of players that purchase the game, they will probably only play through it less than a handful of times, and all they want is the role playing experience.

    • So what makes Diablo different from a shooter like Halo in isometric? Log in, kill some demons, rinse, repeat.

  19. I got into closed beta a while ago.  So I got the privilege of playing quite a lot.

    In [very] short summary:

    * Game things :: 2 thumbs up
    * things :: many things were sub-par

    Let me explain.

    Not seeing character names in the party icons (upper left hand side).  Big NO NO.  Imagine if WoW did this??  You’d be completely confused.  
    *Perhaps* it’s ok for non-friended players.  So that you can easily associate “barbar1” as a person you like/dislike regardless of which toon they currently have logged in.
    However, with friends – i got really annoyed seeing their battletag displayed instead of their character name.  Character names *define* people.  And if/when you are playing regularly with friends it’s that much more fun to associate funny or realistic or dark names with that person’s character.

    Blizzard – please allow *at least* friends to display their toon names.

    Lack of custom chat channels!

    Freakin warcraft 3 did this better than diablo 3.  Ouch, Blizzard??
    In WC3, all my friends would all collect in a custom channel, let’s call it FOO.  That way, when any of us logged in, we could collect in channel FOO to easily see:
    * who is on
    * who is idle
    * who’s in a game
    * who’s about to finish up and looking for more people to play with
    * who’s playing but needs to head out soon – so don’t bother, etc…

    Instead, I log in and see I have 7 friends online in various games.  How do I answer any of the above bulleted questions?  I have to ask each one individually with private messages!!  Are you kidding?  What happens when this list is 50 names long?  Argh.  And please don’t say “ventrilo solves this issue.”  While my group of friends do all use Vent to coordinate … we’re not all going to be in the same channel on vent. We’ll be breaking off into different channels based on what group you’re currently in.  This means I still have to pop in to each channel and say “heeeeeeeeeey – what’s going on.”  Then change channels and, “Heeeeeeeeey – how’s it goin?”  And then change channels again and say, “Heeeeeeeey – who wants to group up?”

    Blizz – please fix this.

    How can you open a vein and pour your life’s passion into a game and make it so freakin awesome.  And then short change some very fundamental/trivial social features.

    Jay Wilson – don’t stand for this!



    • “Imagine if they did this in WoW.”

      I don’t play WoW anymore, but as someone who used to lead a fairly successful raiding guild (world 335th kill of hard-mode Lich King 25, Invincible ftw) I think it would have been a god-send.

      Character names didn’t define my guildmates – their playing abilities, their actions, and their personalities did. Whenever I was on an alt, nobody called me by the name of the alt – it was always the name of my main. And that’s the way we did it for everyone. Nobody went by multiple character names, and many people were known by the name of their original character even when they switched characters. 

  20. I think this an absolutely stupid feature. I don’t want to see people’s corny Weedhead69 and TomDaBomb account names, I want their corny character names. More importantly, I want to show off my clever character names. 

    When I build my disintegrate wizardess, I don’t want Maclowery to show. I want [insert my clever name I havent come up with yet here]. I want people to be seeing Urk the Barbarian tear through mobs, not my account name.

    I simply don’t understand why they possibly would hide character names. Have the character names under portraits. When another player highlights someone’s portrait, they see the account name. How hard is that, Blizzard? Wow.

    asdf the barb, asdfj the wizard, asdkf the monk, here goes. 

    • Heartily agree.  I’ve always been kind of perturbed we all have the same character portrait.  It would have been cool if the artists worked in some variety. Really any cosmetic choice at all that would give characters more permanence, without detracting from game mechanics. Being able to dye armor aside.

      Why have character names at all, we are all cookie cutter now.

      • “Why have character names at all, we are all cookie cutter now.”

        Goes well with how you customise your characters skillset. And by customise, i mean drop them from your “book” onto bars (similar to WoW) with cooldown, with being penalised for doing so at level 60.

        • Not to mention we’ll all be using computers to play this game. So much for individuality!

          • On the contrary, because you can actually customise your computer, unlike your D3 character.

  21. anyone remember how many characters show beneath your avatar in game?  I’m thinking it was six? (i know the entire name shows when you hover with your cursor)

  22. Following up all the ‘lacking costumization’ discussions of the past, I’m pretty sure Blizzard will think twice about the character naming (which is, trivial as it may be, actually of paramount importantance for player-avatar intentification). They will probably, with some priority, add a dual system displaying both BattleTag and character name in-game, just as they did with Elective Mode for active skills.
    Just remember that when it comes to related issues, Blizzard will be careful as surgeons with their claimed NASA-level-complexity server architecture technologies. So, in this case, high-priority would equal “with or shortly after the first expansion’s launch”.

  23. Here’s a few reasons why this is a broken “feature:”
    1. It’s an ARPG…I think roleplayers would agree that character names are part of the experience.
    2. You can and have always been able to link friends to their account names on B.Net. Battletags (account names) have never needed to supersede character names.
    3. For those of you with poor memories: see reason 2.
    4. For us, this is a game, not a profit-producing machine. Please allow me to maintain some semblance of independent identity from character to character.
    5.  I have more fun playing and am better at playing when I can see my party-mates character names on screen while questing. It helps me keep my character alive.

  24. Man soon we will all have the same name – same character – same gear – same skills. Way to go ACTIVISON you ruined another company with your dumb down everything strategy and sell the bare minimum with 0 creativity thinking or input from players.
    I will enjoy TL2 more simply cause I can name my character SirActivisiondingleberry

    • Being passionate is nice but it’s not mutually exclusive with being rational.

  25. Who cares, a name is just a name. I am more concerned about playing. I do not care what people call me, or refer to me by. Game will rock, and I will be playing it regardless. instead of worrying about little things like character names being displayed, let’s push for things like that third aristian. or pvp.

  26. I actually kind of like this. I mean you will always know who is who, and that way it’s easier to make friends and recognize people you already played with.

  27. dunno why nobody brought up the real problem with battletag yet.
    They are not uniqe, my battletag is Slayer btw and i bet there are like hundreds of thousands other Slayers out there. Good job Blizzard going from displaying real names in battlenet to having just one name for everything. This feels like Belial left the Depths of this game and joined your office to deceive us…

    • Even if there were no Battletag, they wouldn’t do unique character names anyways, because it’s BS. That being said, what’s the difference you got your non-unique Battle tag or non-unique character names? You got id number anyways and you can separate which one is which. 

  28. I’m with the OP on this, as well as what seems to be 90% of the rest of the people. Char names are ESSENTIAL for RPG’s, it has been one of the defining characteristics of this genre, and to remove it not only is illogical, but really removes the persona and uniqueness of each character. I realize Blizz cant cater to every single fans wants and needs, but when you have an overwhelming majority who disagree with a decision, as in this case, it might be wise to listen 😮    It’s really a pity, because even though I love my battletag and I am naming my main char the same name, the rest of my chars also had really cool names that I was bringing over from previous Diablo games and now they will be rarely seen.

  29. Everyone complaining about immersion:
    Whenever your actual character interacts with the world, it does so with your character name.
    Whenever you magically speak to the other players no matter where you are in the world – you’re not “in character” anyways. You can pretend that you are if you want! If so, pretend the name being shown is different.
    I think the more people played WoW, the more they stopped using character names. I was in a highly active and social guild where most everyone had 4-6 alts. You never actually call people by the name of their alts, because those people have an identity to you that doesn’t completely change when they log in with someone new. So you would always call people by the name of their main….which functions just like an “account name” for social aspects. D3 just takes that natural movement and makes it part of the system, which is convenient.

  30. “B-b-but character names may be confusing for new players!” 😆

    This is pretty bad but I can’t be mad at it, just waiting for the above explanation for removing character names by Jay or whoever has to go in and ‘defend’ this decision.

  31. I see how this is a concern for some people, but is it really worth getting up in arms about? 

  32. I don’t really care if I see my battle tag or char name.  But, I would much rather see other peoples battle tag vrs char name.  Don’t hate

  33. Seems like the obvious Character_Name (Battle_Tag) solution would be the best.  Could still know the person behind the character, but have the character have an appropriate name.
    If I understand it correctly, the Battle Tag will be used for several different Blizzard titles.  Due to this, you might not want to even choose a Diablo-themed name, since “Sir_Swords_A_Alot” doesn’t make a lot of sense in StarCraft.  So people will likely just pick neutral names that match their gender.
    As a result, since people will likely make characters of both genders, you will see pretty little female wizard named ‘Bob23’ and a hulking male barbarian named ‘AmyJ’.  Stooooooopid.

  34. Oh dear, imagine that.  This forum up in arms about something that has nothing to do with gameplay, AGAIN.  Lol. 

    • Oh come on, don’t troll. The amount of comments on gameplay changes greatly, greatly outnumber the comments here. 

      A lot of people like having their character names show to other people, and vice versa. I’m obviously not going to skip Diablo 3 because of this, but it’s pretty silly that Diablo 2 handled account names/char names better than its sequel. 

  35. Looks like every player character in D3 will just be a more or less nameless peon. Cool story bro.

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