Now that the Diablo 3 DiabloWikiPTR is working and more players are wanting to test out v1.0.5, some people are asking how it works. Can you make a brand new character? (Yes.) Can you copy over your existing characters? (Yes.)

    Here’s the basic: Download log into Battle.net, access your Diablo III game page, download the PTR client, install it, and log in with your normal email/password/authenticator. If it’s your first time logging on, you’ll go right to the character creation screen, which won’t show any characters on your account or any option to copy them over to the PTR. This is apparently a bug, but there’s an easy work around. Just make a new character of any class, and then once you are at the character selection screen, you should see the PTR copy window on the top right of the screen. From it just select the realm you want to copy your characters from, and click okay. That’s it; they should be instantly accessible to play on the PTR.

    Realize that this only works in one direction; you can’t move anything from the PTR back to your normal account. Also note that the copy is a copy/replace. Any characters on your PTR account will be vanished and replaced by the ones from your normal account. So if you play a character some and level up on the PTR, and you play a different character on the normal realm and want to copy that upgraded character over… you can, but you’ll erase any changes you made to your chars on the PTR.

    There are some other details worth learning, and Lylirra answered several questions about them in a forum post today.

    If we copied our characters over on Friday when is the next time frame available to copy again? I read we can only copy once a week but am requesting that this be moved up to twice a week so we can carry out testing with different equipment types and builds. The items available on the PTR test server in the AH aren’t adequate enough to do full tweaking so I’ve bought items on the live server to test out different builds with.
    We’re reducing the reset period between character copies from 7 days to 72 hours. The change should apply retroactively, so this means that if you copied your characters over last Friday, you should be able to copy them again once the change is implemented.

    So, basically (going forward), once you copy over your characters, you’ll be able to copy them again 72 hours later.

    Also, when the character copy becomes available, do we have to delete the current character that’s on the PTR prior to copying over again, or will it just over write the current one with the one being copied from the live server?
    You won’t need to delete your characters. The copy system will just overwrite your current set automatically. 🙂

    One more thing to keep in mind that the character copy system uses “snapshots” of your characters to copy over the data from your Diablo III account to your PTR account. At the moment, snapshots are taken once every 24 hours, so if you make some changes to your characters (i.e. buy or sell items) right before you copy them to the PTR, those changes may not get transferred over.

    This is pretty standard, so if you buy a piece of gear that you really love and want to test it out on the PTR, you may want to wait a little bit before you copy your characters over.

    I laughed that the last example was, “buy a piece of gear” rather than “find a piece of gear.” And you thought the Blizzard CMs were never really honest about the current state of their games?

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