Character Artwork and Diablo 3 Box Covers

Blizzard released one amazing new piece of character artwork, plus high quality images of the D3 and D3CE box covers. You can see them below; click through for huge versions of the images. See our earlier post for full details on the DiabloWikiDiablo III Collector’s Edition.

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  1. Good morning, Angels!
    Good morning, Charlie!

  2. Now that’s a Demon Hunter! – ain’t nothing ‘pretty boy’ about him.

  3. Gotta say, I dig the white box.

  4. That “dirty white” collector’s edition box is pretty cool!

  5. I would like to like the box cover but I get so much “Godzilla” vibe from it which is very much what I don’t want lol

  6. …..deathwin…er i mean diablo lol

  7. The black box….. Didn’t D3inc show it off like months ago? Guess its confirmed that really was the box art.

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