New Senior Character Artist job Posting for Unannounced Diablo Project

Blizzard Logo Diablo

Another job posting has surfaced on Blizzard’s site for a senior character artist. This positions is for the mysterious unannounced Diablo project which we may or may not hear more about later this week.

Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an exceptionally skilled and passionate senior character artist for its next hit game!

As part of the character team you will work with concept artists, animators, designers, and engineers to create characters, creatures, and weapons in the Diablo universe. The ideal candidate understands that character work does not end in ZBrush, and can texture, surface, and optimize just as well as they can sculpt. We hire people who collaborate well with equally passionate developers and share our love for video games.

So what are Blizzard up to? Are we going to hear more about new Diablo 3 content with new characters as we well as a completely new game this week?

It is Diablo’s 20th anniversary and now would be as good a time as any to spill the beans.


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  1. If they’re just starting to flesh out the Diablo team NOW, what makes us think that they’re prepared enough to announce anything?

    Blizzard just isn’t going to toss up a concept image… are they?
    When Diablo 3 was announced 6 years ago… they had a two minute and a bit long cinematic that contained a locked-in bestiary design (monsters, an act boss) and story line…

    To be honest, I don’t think they’re prepared enough to have anything to show us that will allow it to be worth announcing a new title…

  2. I think the realistic thing we can expect is D3 expansion or a mega-patch announcement.

  3. Question: How extensivly was zBrush used in creating D3 or its Expansion?

    I’m asking, because the art style seems rather atypically for having zBrush at its base …

    • I was wondering the same. I always had the impression that Blizzard made their own software tools. All the Blizzard games since Warcraft 3 seem to have been heavy modifications of the Warcraft 3 engine; D3 included. Even Overwatch and WoW has the plush, mass-less aesthetic of the Warcraft 3 engine. D2 was an odd-ball in that it had a different engine running its mechanics compared to the other games. The mention of ZBrush hints to me that Blizzard is starting to think outside the box.

    • Zbrush was used sparingly and in a way that really wasn’t about baking out normal maps, but instead, baking in lighting for diffuse style hand painting. Usually on larger monsters. But it’s anyone’s guess to what they’re up to now.

      These days, if an artist is creating hand painted textures, they usually still start out by sculpting the mesh and then use the resulting object space normal map’s green channel (fakes top down lighting) as a foundation to paint on.

  4. I have a crystal ball and at Blizzcon this year they are going to announce:

    1. They are working on Diablo 3: Expansion 2
    2. New Playable class: Necromancer…and possibly one more
    3. Tom Chilton as game director of said Diablo game
    4. Release date: No release date…yet

  5. Just got news its a diablo rts. ^^

  6. I’d really like to hear the story behind Blizzard explicitly looking for a senior cgi artist (4yrs+, AAA game exp) who considers herself/himself both “humble” (seriously wtf?) and “with a legendary […] attitude” at the same time. 🙂

  7. Diablo and RoS is now in the BattleChest

    Probably to make room to a expansion to be announced tomorrow.

    UNANNOUNCED GAMES/PROJECTS (New category in the Careers Directory)

    It lists under the pluses as requiring a passion for Diablo.

    It also says: This is a management position requiring the oversight and development of the internal outsource team servicing the needs of our growing project.

    Not sure what this means really. Looking to speed up the production of the game?
    Just thought I’d put it out there and am hoping to hear what it could mean.

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