Changes to Loot from Bounties and Rifts Incoming

Changes to Loot from Bounties and Rifts Incoming

At present the content of a Horadric Cache is not affected by the difficulty level you were awarded it on. Complete the Bounty on Normal or Torment 6, it matters not a jot. This encourages split farming on normal difficulty for groups to speedily collect caches and hopefully desirable loot.  Blizzard has recently said that is definitely not the style of play they wanted.

In response to someone asking “why oh why…” Grimiku revealed that the devs are making two changes to Caches and they are:

As a heads up, we’re looking to make two changes to DiabloWikiHoradric Caches. The first change is to allow the caches to drop DiabloWikiTorment-only Legendary items.

The second is to increase the chance that you’ll find a Legendary item in Horadric Caches, including Act-specific Legendaries like the Royal Ring of Grandeur, based on the Torment difficulty.

What this means is that Horadric Caches earned in Torment I+ will be able to drop Torment restricted Legendary items, and caches earned in Torment II+ will have a scaling bonus for dropping Legendary items (which includes those items only found in a cache).

And the difficulty of Rifts will also bear more significance soon as changes are planned there.  Grimiku explains:

Well, since you brought it up let’s talk a little about that. 😉 We’re also planning on changing Rift Guardians so that they drop more Blood Shards for each level of Torment past the first (i.e. in Torment II+). For clarity, this means Rift Guardians would drop the same amount of Blood Shards as they currently do in Torment I, but starting in Torment II they would drop additional Blood Shards per each Torment slider tick. This change should arrive at the same time as the Horadric Cache change mentioned previously, which is currently scheduled for our next bug fix/balance patch (patch 2.0.5).

As a reminder, the scaling bonus chance to find Legendaries you get for Torment I-VI slider stacks multiplicatively with the 100% bonus chance to find Legendaries while in Nephalem Rifts.

 In short:

  1. Horadric Caches will be able to drop Torment-only legendaries
  2. Higher Torment difficulty increases the drop rate of legendaries (including Torment-only and Act-Specific)
  3. Blood Shard drops from Rift Guardians will increase with each difficulty From Torment 2 upwards

All these changes will come with patch 2.0.5 – for which there is….all together now……no release date.

Interestingly, someone in that thread said they opened 20 Caches and didn’t get a single legendary!  From my experiences which I recently detailed in a video and that of others in the Horadric Cache Data thread the 10% theory seems to hold true. Maybe he was just very very unlucky.

These are great changes and I can’t think of a single reason that playing on harder difficulty should not be rewarded accordingly.

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    25 thoughts on “Changes to Loot from Bounties and Rifts Incoming

    1. Awesome! This will probably lower the complaint pool from most people. It also gives incentive to actually run bounties in Torment, instead of doing rifts on Torment, bounties on a different difficulty.

      I guess though, running a lower difficulty for the sake of getting rift keys easier would be still feasible.

    2. This will make doing T+ bounties more viable and let rifts keep their allure by letting you earn more blood shards for more gambling.

      This is clearly a step towards a better setup.

      I say, especially with their recently increasing receptiveness to player base, who are you and what have you done with Blizzard???

      Jokes aside, good job and please continue on this path.

    3. This definitely gets two thumbs up. Split farming is very cheesy.

      I wonder if they will reduce the drop rate of legendaries on normal difficulty or it will remain the same and they will just increase it on Torment.

      No word on changes to the other difficulties like Expert?

    4. After 60 bounty bags in a row with 0 legendaries, I swore off them. Maybe after the buff I’ll actually bother finishing acts instead of just hitting what has the crafting mats I need.

      • You jest surely? Was that in one sitting? You saved them up like I did or did you open them all as and when you got them?

        • I’ve been 40 or so bags since my last legendary (maybe 50 by now, I stopped counting around 30). I open each one as I get it, not saving them up.

          But I have very good luck with gambling, so I guess it averages out.

          • That is nuts. My first bag ever gave me the Ring of Royal Grandeur and 2 bags later I got Leorics Signet Ring. I get one every 3-5 bags now.

        • No jest here. I have posted questions regarding this very fact multiple times in an effort to getting an answer. I just the other day decided to run bounties again in order to get the RRoG in act 1, that and act 1 is the only damn act anyone does these days.
          Nothing like running 35+ split farms and nothing…..not even a crappy leg. Then another 10….still nothing. So I dont know what dictates drops, but its BS.

    5. I feel your 10% theory seems to hold true, but distribution is different between players. I have a hard time in act1 legendary before ( likely open 16-18 in 1 times and nothing), i stooped but get 2 in strange open 4 Horadric Cache later .

    6. They seriously need to boost the drop rates on the bounty items in a way that is significant.

      Regarding comments at the end, I don’t think opening 20 consecutive cache with no legendary is particularly bad luck. I’ve had that kind of streak happen at least twice now, with no exaggeration. I open 10 at a time so its easy to keep track.

      This kind of low yield for time spent is very frustrating. I play HC only so I’m willing to live with suboptimal rolls on loot, but some of these things just will not drop for me at all. Currently at 2000 total Act 1 and Act 2 bounties, I haven’t gotten Illusory Boots or Gloves of Worship. (Decent luck with 3 RoRG though).

      I suspect by design, these items are supposed to be \low hanging fruit\ that you can do targeted farming and get them relatively reliably, unlike class set items. That doesn’t play out in real life though, so maybe Blizzard doesn’t see it like I do.

      • One more aspect that I don’t really see any discussion about:

        Many players point out the different tiers of rarity for legendary items. I’m generally OK with that system for world drops. However, the contents for each cache are have little variation from the formula (something like 2 gems or so, 3-4 crafting mats, 1 blood shard, 2 rift stones, only 1-2 equipable items). You never get a cache that gives 5 rares, for example.

        I highly doubt 2 legendaries are even possible from 1 cache. I suspect that bounty reward legendaries are mutually exclusive probabilities. Each time it decides to give you a Coven’s Criterion (which I’ve gotten 9-10 by now) is another 0% chance to roll for Gloves or Boots.

        Something about that rubs me the wrong way.

        • I have gotten 2 legs from a single bag. Happened with an A2 bag a week or so ago. (Neither was worth using.)

          Elly didn’t track the actual items per bag when she did her 102, but not long before that I did 16 bags at once and noted the drops from each. The mats and gems and rift keys were interchangeable from bag to bag in their drop tallies, but legs always seem to be add ons in my counting.

          E.g. you usually get 1 rare item per bag, but when you get legendary item you also get the rare item. You don’t get JUST the leg item. In those 16 bags I tallied every drop from, I had 12 bags with 1 rare, 1 bag with 2 rares, 1 bag with 3 rares, and 2 bags with 1 rare and 1 leg.

          I don’t think there’s any application to this data, but it seems like leg item drops are a bonus, rather than the rare item upgrading to a legendary via MF, as seems to be the case from monster drops. (I haven’t tracked golden chest drops that closely, but I’d be interested to see if it’s the same, i.e. when you get a leg item from a chest, it’s adding to the normal rare drops, rather than a rare upgrading to a leg.)

    7. The obvious question now is: should we start farming T1+ caches and save them up for opening when this patch hits so we get the increased drop chance and torment only drop chance? Or does it only affect caches that get earned after the patch?

      • I’d say that current bags are not tagged by difficulty level, (just act) so there’s no point in saving them now. I guess it might be that the game does track their diff level but just doesn’t factor that info into the drop rates (not even Imperial gems anymore), but I wouldn’t count in it.

        That said, we might want to save up bags anyway, in case the buff to leg drop rate applies retroactively, to bags found before the patch.

    8. What the hell? Good news from Blizzard? Did they get Heartbleed hacked? What’s the catch?

      And if they are tracking difficulty dropped, they won’t do so until the patch is actually in effect. No sense in even gathering bags now.

    9. Its great but it still means people will farm on normal and get the same reward compared to hard/expert/master.
      Those should be buffed just the same even if only a tad.

    10. They need to see the big picture.. to small low life of a little bit change is not enough for the players.

      I think everyone will be happy if they add like 1000 more legendary’s and for each class needs to have 10 setts.
      All is depended on items.. this will make a huge differents.

      • Do you have a 50 page stash coming with all those new items, or what?

        Also, they can’t even make 50 compelling legendaries now. You want 5-10x more legs? They’d all just be stat sticks and boring, eh?

    11. right now, im on 80 bags without legendary. when i started running atc1 splitfarm, i got legendary after 12 caches(bracers – 3rd i have seen).
      i actually thought about reporting this as bug on forums(but i think its just RNGGG). i tried to relog several times, open bags one-by-one or 10 at a time. my streak is still going, im hoping to break 100 to have good diablo story for ladies.

      changes to rifts and bounties are perfect. i hate running T3 or T4 easymode, just because right now its effective to run highest faceroll torment difficulty. i would love to try t5 or t6 for other reasons than challenge.
      i would also like to see higher drop chance on infernal machine event. 50% on highest torment is low. it used to be 100% on MP10. additionaly, ring can roll without intelect now. vit is possible main stat for mage(monk and all other classes). i have gotten 2 rings with vitality as main stat. before ROS, you could lock ring to int main stat.

    12. QUOTE

      You jest surely?  Was that in one sitting?  You saved them up like I did or did you open them all as and when you got them?

      i’m pretty sure he isn’t jesting Elly since I opened more than 30 bags till now & only got one legendary item(skeleton king’s shoulders) & that was from my 3rd bag & got no other legendaries since whether cache only or any other leg
      I open them as I get them although I tried storing the last 5 of them & opening them at once but still no thing & from what I hear from other people in clan it doesn’t make a difference whether you store them or open immediately so it means either the 10% isn’t true or that some of us are just unlucky

    13. I haven’t got a single one in 20 cashes or so, but then again, I managed to get 6 legs in a row from normal act 5 cashes with my DH. That was pretty brutal tbh. I almost thought it was bugged.

    14. Never underestimate the God of RNG… 🙂

      Chance of not getting a legendary in 20 bags = (0.9)^20 = 12%.
      Chance of not getting a legendary in 50 bags = (0.9)^50 = 0.5%.
      That is, assuming the 10% chance is correct.

      So while you can call it “unlucky” not to get anything in 50 caches, it also means that on average every 200th player has a bad streak like that.

    15. I am 100% certain this will not prevent split farming. People will just split farm at T1. Only reason they don’t do that now is that there was no reason.

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