Changes to Diablo 3 Features Coming Soon

In addition to the ongoing DiabloWikirelease date madness, we’ve heard numerous hints that the Diablo 3 developers are (still) making some big changes to some core game systems.

Another one of those came this evening via Bashiok’s twitter:

What are some of the features that you guys are working on? What could possibly be holding Diablo 3 back? Just really curious –Fatrdlanick
We’ll be sharing some of it in the next couple weeks. —Bashiok

Hopefully this means that they’ve been working on these systems for weeks/months, are happy with the changes, and are going to announce them as a preview of what we’ll see in the final game. Rather than them throwing out more work in progress dev stuff, with no end in sight.

We saw 100+ comments worth of speculation about what major systems (attributes, skills, runes, etc?) might be getting revamped in a post just a few days ago, but you guys are welcome to leap astride that horse once again.


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  1. in the next couple of weeks … 🙄

  2. couple is 2 in english, 10 business days or ur slippin blizz lol :mrgreen:

  3. 1.) Announce the release date this/next week, let’s say March 13, 2012.
    2.) Package and ship the stuff.
    3.) Keep the community interested with beta testing and announcing the new stuff in the remaining 10(!) weeks.
    4.) Patch the new stuff on launch day.

    Looks good. ^^

  4. I wanna plaaaaaay.

    This fascinating comment has been brought to you by booze.

  5. Woohoo! It sounds like they’re coming to a close on their final revamps. Surely they’ve finalized the rune system and will release more details. Also, I’d wager there will be some Nephalem Altar modifications (i.e. placement in the world or total removal of that system in favor of another).
    With the random talk about followers, we might see a bit more info arise on that as well, although I feel it won’t be much more than mere confirmation of their end-game viability and the fact they won’t be necessary to “win” (So why even have followers? … that’s a-whole-nother topic). Finally, item information may go live again. MAY.

  6. Hmm… Some of it in the next couple weeks huh? That makes me wonder if that means they won’t be sharing all of it before release… I also wonder if that means they plan on revealing major changes after announcing a release date…

  7. I think they have indeed achieved closure, which is awesome. That’s why I guess yesterday high-profile “meeting” was held in the first place.


  8. “We’ll share SOME of it over the next WEEKS”.

    Damn, my prediction for early June release is slowly moving towards mid-late July… 

    Let’s make an assumption, based on other blizz releases:

    Release date is HINTED at, 3-4 weeks later release date is announced, let’s say 2 months later, then game is delayed for 2 months, then another 2 weeks for good measure, then it’s finally released, 30% chances of being broken, release day patch solves some issues but not all, game is satisfyingly playable 1 week after release. 

    So, expect the game to be released and playable ok ~ 5 and 1/2 months after a “strong” release hint.

    I may be talking out of my ass here, but think really hard about blizz and their history of releasing games, and bashiok’s endless trolling, and all the times you got lied to your faces by various blizz people, and all the changes of changes and the general feeling of stagnation this project has, then tell me to my internet face that I’m full of it.

    All best.

  9. My predictions regarding changes to Diablo 3 “features” 😀

    Diablo 3 is finally announced to have a subscription fee! *Insert Bobby’s evil eyes*

    Diablo 3 RMAH to be linked to PayPal, Facebook, Twitter, Social Security Numbers, Youtube, Myspace, Cochlear Implants, Google+, E-Meters, MacDonalds, Your Mum.

    Diablo 3 expansion announcement.

    Diablo 3 is to be cancelled and the entire staff fired.

    Diablo 3 DLC pack announcement, available to be purchased on game release. *Bring back Bobby’s evil eyes*

    Diablo 3 is to be released… when it’s ready!

    Actually what I’d really like to see is a form of introducing further randomised quests through silent patches. Ideally this could also include an editor so that people could submit their own quests to Blizzard for potential introduction into the game!!!

    • I know you’re trolling but if there was a subscription there would be no RMAH, since RMAH is just a way to get money without lowering the number of people playing couse of subscription, its an evil/genious idea by Blizz, and dont forget we get fresh content more frequently couse they need to keep people interested for years.

  10. Runes, gems and freespecs are all thats left to fix.
    – Runes are probably taking up the most development time. My guess is that they are trying to make Rlvl 7 runes super rare, kinda like top runes in D2, but even more so. So, that even perhaps a month after release even the best and most hardcore players only have one or two Rlvl 7 runes, and that it would take a very long time to gather 7+ Rlvl 7 runes. They probably found, IMO, that in  their current iteration, after few weeks, month tops, all the players in inferno would have dozens of top runes, which would deflate the value of both their effects and their market price in GAH/RMAH. Now, these runes will be extremly valuable even to players who spend a lot of time farming inferno.
    – Gems aren´t necesserily broken in their current form, but they are increadibly crappy. Few months back when item database on the official site was announced, asides from disappointment about “boring” mods, there was also disappointment about how lame high level, specifically Glvl 14 gems are. They are supposed to be at least as valuable as Rlvl. 7 runes, and are supposed to (in both systems current iteration) to take even longer to acquire, and yet their bonuses are, lame and weak, at best.
    – And they still haven´t said anything about freespecs, which is a potentially game changing decision. Right now we know that in Normal difficulty, only restriction on respecing is going back to the nearest Nephalem Altar. Which is actually fairly good system, IMO. However we don´t know whether they plan on keeping that system in the entire game, or will higher difficulties introduce some additional restrictions. We also don´t know how usefull will it be to respec in Inferno. I´ve heard some people say that due to specific runes and gear faciliating some specific build and style of play, there may not be need or desire for inferno players to respec often/ever. Either way, this is also potentially game changing decision.

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