In addition to the ongoing DiabloWikirelease date madness, we’ve heard numerous hints that the Diablo 3 developers are (still) making some big changes to some core game systems.

    Another one of those came this evening via Bashiok’s twitter:

    What are some of the features that you guys are working on? What could possibly be holding Diablo 3 back? Just really curious –Fatrdlanick
    We’ll be sharing some of it in the next couple weeks. —Bashiok

    Hopefully this means that they’ve been working on these systems for weeks/months, are happy with the changes, and are going to announce them as a preview of what we’ll see in the final game. Rather than them throwing out more work in progress dev stuff, with no end in sight.

    We saw 100+ comments worth of speculation about what major systems (attributes, skills, runes, etc?) might be getting revamped in a post just a few days ago, but you guys are welcome to leap astride that horse once again.

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