Changes to Auction House Coming

Community Manager DiabloWikiLylirra posted earlier today saying that we will get some well sought after changes to the Auction House. Many of you, me included wanted more slots for the affixes filter in the DiabloWikiAuction House, especially when we have many items with 5+ affixes. So Blizzard is bumping it up from 3 to 6 slots also the minimum value field gets an upgrade from max value of 3 numbers to 5 numbers.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re looking to bump the number of Preferred Stats slots from 3 up to 6. We’re also looking to bump the number of digits in the “Min Value” window from 3 to 5 (so you can search for Preferred Stat values higher than “999”).

In other RMAH news, they are looking at adding the ability to cancel an auction if it has had no bid and this could appear in v1.0.4.

We like this solution also. We definitely want to provide players with the option to cancel an auction (at any point after it’s posted) so long as it does not have any bids. Right now, we’re looking at this for 1.0.4, but that of course may change depending on implementation and testing.

Finally, on the timing of auctions, it doesn’t sound like Blizzard plan on letting players set the timing of auctions, not in the near future at least.

You mean being able to select the duration of the auction? We definitely have seen this feedback (and appreciate it), but we don’t have any plans currently.

Can you confirm whether you will allow us to see stats on items sold? Or prices we list things at?

You mean stats of items in the Completed tab? If so, yes — that is functionality we’re looking to add. We’re also looking to make it so that you can see the listing price of unsold and cancelled items in the Completed tab, as well.

(Not sure if that answered your last question completely, but I still felt it was relevant information to share.)

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    42 thoughts on “Changes to Auction House Coming

      • Follow the link, Lylirra mentions that some are planned for 1.0.4 and some are planned for 1.1

    1. Why can’t they just forget about the AH for one second and acknowledge other pressing issues?

        • Derp

          I’m talking about CM’s or anyone coming onto the forums and acknowledge that their loot design is messed up. At this point they haven’t even said anything about it. Legendary items seem to be the only thing they think is wrong.

          • They will never admit the truth so don’t hold your breath.

            Legendary items were designed to be subpar on purpose. Look at how much cash sales of legendary items generated for them, now that those items are going to be buffed they will double dip and generate that much more.

            Aren’t you thankful?

      • OMG lol, me and my mate were joking that when Blizzard finally starts talking to the community it would be all about the bloody AH. MY god this company is fucking clueless…..

    2. A perfectly executed AH will ultimately help with numerous pressing issues my friend …

      (Edit: Was supposed to be a reply to crazynomad)

      • At this time I can think of only one aspect of the game it may help for an improved AH. Care to elaborate?

        • I agree the gameplay issues are more important than the AH but this is the news we got today. The Blizz president’s open letter weeks back was an indication that they are probably working on things that are much bigger than the AH tweaks.

          The point made earlier stands. This is the information that they can announce. I have faith that they will make some significant changes over time. Whether any of us will like them is another matter.

          Given the issues with the loot/drop system and the “problem” with endgame [apparently no one who played D3 played D2] this will be a much bigger process/project and will rollout just as slowly and/or over time. I would care to think it might be a catalyst to for Blizz to fast track an expansion. PvP will hopefully give the masses some meat to feed on. I was never a PvP guy and I’m looking forward to throwing my helm into the ring. Go easy on me.

    3. Well it seems to be a big priority for some people. Not some of you, perhaps, but people have obviously been making requests.

      • Probably the farmers and AH-hawks who want make snatching the good gear from the AH even easier and faster so that they can relist it with a healthy 500% profit margin.

    4. Good to know D3 will have the best feature list for any in-game AH on the planet. Maybe someday D3 will have the best feature list of any ARPG on the planet.

      • It has already “died”, but they are obviously pacing it such that people get bored, do other things, and then come back. You know people will come back for pvp (or earlier for 1.0.4) and then get hooked again for a while. But then it will “die” again. And then the expansion will come out (or they’ll add some other cool change) and many will come back again. It’s like ladder without ladder.

    5. The AH is one of the major faults in Diablo 3, basically ruining the loot acquisition feeling for a lot of players. 

      They’ll never admit to it, of course. Blizzard under Activision is motivated by profit to the detriment of game design. 

        • For the love of god dude, you do need to use it. I’m playing D2 at the moment, the drop rates in D3 have been reduced because of the AH. Blizzard has even said so. How many times does it need to be said???????

          • While I agree with you that you are practically forced to use the AH to advance in D3, I also agree with Kaknoos. I definitely do NOT miss using D2JSP (even if you didn’t use D2JSP, the site literally dictated prices for everyone else) or spamming in the Trade channel like back in D2. I simply don’t have the time nor patience for that like when I was younger… 😕

          • Blizzard has said they did NOT plan or change drop rates because of the auction house. They didn’t have any way to test it in-house and see what would happen if they did.

            • Karth I’m sorry but your mistaken. There was some confusion about this a few weeks ago. A rumour surfaced that item drops were dynamically being changed based upon what was on the AH, i.e. if a 2000 dps windforce was on the AH it WOULDN’T EVER drop in game. This rumour was FALSE and was clarified by Blizzard. However, Blizzard has stated MULTIPLE times that when determining the proper drop rates for items in game, the fact there was a AH was taken into account. This is essential otherwise there would be too many items in game and the AH would be redundant.

              Further Karth, you really think Blizzard hasn’t done the numbers for the AH/RMAH? I can assure you they have worked out to the thousanth desimal point every single factor. The RMAH is the test bed for their monitisation plans for Titan. This is a very big deal for Blizzard. Blizzard hasn’t been lying in thier statements about the AH, but people aren’t actually hearing what Blizzard is saying.

              From Bashiok – “That’s not what was said or implied at all, sorry if it was confusing. The AH doesn’t have any affect on the literal drop rates of items depending on what’s available.

              What I said, and what is true, is that with far more players and an increased proliferation of item trade, we have to factor in how many items are being found by players and how quickly a player can gear up by ‘sourcing’ items from others through trade and the convenience of the gold auction house.

              If we say “a player should have X power in Y amount of time through drops” and completely ignore that the time factor can be reduced by simply having access to more drops through trading and the auction house, players would be gearing up far quicker than we’ve determined they should. It has nothing to do with the auction house per se, but the general ease at which players have access to more items than they would without it and us needing to keep that in mind while balancing drops. It would be rather poorly thought out if we balanced drops completely ignoring all of the ways players can gear up, and trading is certainly one of them.

              Obviously everyone wants the best gear possible as quickly as possible, and us attempting to mediate that through design that takes all factors into account is not always going to be a popular notion.”

            • I don’t know how they didn’t realize they would break the Skinner Box if they lowered the drop rates. Reward rates needed for short term intermittent reinforcement have been known for a long time.

    6. Before they fix the AH, can they at least considering giving us “identify all”. Wading through hundreds of junk yellows with 3 sec wait is driving me crazy.

    7. What attribute would you need more than 3 character spaces for? The only one I can think of is health globes.

      • Every time i search for any thing on my monk I would be amazing to have even just one extra slot. I need to put my preferred single resist stat + all the others I want on an item.

      • Well, just as an example, that’s one of my barbarian main (and most common) searches:

        All Resistances
        Crit Chance
        Crit Damage

        with 6 affixes it’s going to be just fine. 😀

        • Sorry I should have clarified. I was asking about the min stat going from 3 characters (max 999) to 5 characters (max 99999). Health globes and life after kill are the only ones that I know to go above 999. I was just curious if I was missing something. The obvious usually evades me. 😕

    8. Looks like some good changes. What I would like to see-and maybe this exists and I’m too much of a newbie to find it-is a way to pick out items I’d like to compare against each other before bidding. So maybe I pick out 10 similar items, look at their stats, and then put a bid on one. Maybe this is already there and I’ve missed it?

    9. Searching for cheapest buyout for an item with a particular set of stats, click through 46 pages of N/A. Working as intended.
      The morons STILL haven’t worked out that when sorting for lowest buyout, people definitely aren’t looking for NO buyout items. It’s the sort of error that someone would make on a high school project, and the teacher would fail them for it.

      • That seems a bit harsh. You clock on Buyout once and the NA’s pop up. Click on it again, and it sorts from lowest Buyout to highest. So maybe it takes an extra click, but that isn’t a big deal to me.

    10. Finally, these auction house additions will make my life a LOT better at least.

      Now,. to hope there will be some cheap items….

      Also, being able to search for “minimum BID” would be great.

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