Champion Zombies and new Health Globes

In another blue post, Grug pointed out the glowing blue-green zombies in one of the new screenshots, and asked what was up with that. Bashiok explained:

I was suddenly hit by inspiration after viewing one of the new screenshots. Number 7 shows some of the DiabloWikizombies in different lighting, giving them a ghostly and ethereal look. They also looked larger.

Those are champions! Champion packs receive a slight blue lighting effect to help distinguish them. And they will rock you. I die to champions all the time… It’s pathetic.

You’ll also notice in the next screenshot the next step, with the champions dead, and what they’ve left behind.

…Those are current DiabloWikihealth globes.

Did I say something somewhere saying something about them changing beyond this look? Maybe I confused myself.

There were five types of Champions in Diablo 2; so far we’ve seen 3 of them returned in Diablo 3, along with one new type of champion. Full details can be found in the wiki.

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1 thought on “Champion Zombies and new Health Globes

  1. Grug must be the laziest man ever.  Pick items up, Ctrl+LeftClick, Click Salvage, Take All.  DONE AND DONE.  How is this a time waster?  This is better than a pet in Torchlight because you get components from your items instead of a small amount of gold.  OR you can sell for gold.  OR you can just not pick up whites.

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