Diablo 3 Challenge Rifts Previewed

Diablo 3 Challenge Rifts Previewed

While not everyone will be pleased that a new feature focuses on more Rifts instead of new content, the Challenge Rifts should offer some enjoyment for players. Blizzard has taken a look at what’s in store.

Challenge Rifts effectively allow players to play with a build created by someone in the community and challenge players to beat their Rift run time with their build. The same Rift with the same build, monsters, pylons etc is played by everyone for the period of a week to find out who can do it fastest.

Why bother? Well, it’s one way to experience another player’s build and there’s Blood Shards and crafting mats up for grabs.

There’s a lengthy explanation, which featured in the video, of the Challenge Rifts on Blizzard’s site.

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    14 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Challenge Rifts Previewed

    1. That’s how you make a patch:

      -Elite Monsters can now spawn with random class-specific skills such as Earth Quake, random Hydra, Blizzard, Fireball, Chain Lightning, Living Lightning

      -Elite Monsters can now spawn with various Auras such as Might (physical boost), Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison, AttackSpeed-Aura, Defensive Aura, Lowering-Resists-Aura

      -Elite Monsters share their Auras with nearby monsters of any kind. Elites share their auras with other Elites and thus causing potentially very dangerous combinations. Regular hordes of monsters can turn into a very dangerous encounter if they are buffed by one or more auras of nearby Elites

      -Charms have been added to the game

      -A new Charm inventory called “The Talisman” has been added to the game. The talisman is unlocked though a quest line

      -Rare and Magic Items can now spawn with a bonus Aura affix. That bonus affix can be one of the following Auras: Might (physical Damage boost), Fire, Cold, Lightning, Poison, AttackSpeed-Aura, Armor-Aura, Lowering-Resists-Aura

      -Rare and Magic Items can also spawn s Ancient or Primal Ancient

      • Charms have been replaced with the dumb and filled with exploits legendary gems, so it won’t make sense to add charms anymore. Unfortunately Blizzard once again prove how dumb they are by removing stuff from early stage of the beta because they didn’t like how it fit to the game only to add the same thing only that it is a hundred times worse later on.

        • See, this is why developers generally prefer to say nothing about their games systems when they are in development. Because when you scrap a system because it isn’t working, people piss and moan about what they thought it would be without seeing the reality of what it actually was. TRUST the developers when they remove a system. It’s not like they ever want to remove their hard work from the game. They are working on it day in, day out, and if they remove it, it is for good reason.

          • Yeah, except that for Diablo 3, Blizzard made a lot of questionable decisions during development, that the fan base said were a bad idea, and they went ahead with them any way, before removing them later (Auction House). They also published the legendaries on battle.net before release, and when everyone said they were crap, they reluctantly said they were “just placeholders”, only except when the game actually came out, the legendaries weren’t significantly different than the ‘placeholder’ ones they had, and SO damn rare that they were a complete let-down when you found one. Similarly Jay Wilson’s idea for Inferno – put it in the game and make it really hard, and then double everything to make it impossible, paired with crap drop rates (’cause of the auction house) so everyone hit a brick wall at lvl 60.

            So it’s difficult to put a lot of trust in Blizzard’s developers.

            • Oh they made some bad decisions, I’m not saying they didn’t.

              It’s more of a ranting point for me. I’d love a clear line of communication between dev’s and the community (in general, not just Diablo/Blizzard related), but there’s always the problem of the parts of the community who lose their minds over stuff before they’ve ever played the game/the cut content.

            • I’m also putting the fault into the corporate side of Blizzard, lacking the knowledge in psychology and thus ain’t knowing, what their saying, when telling the devs that it’s all the same, but this way would yield more money over the other. Keeps the devs rotating on their toes to deliver all they’d imagined when starting development.

              But DJE: Sometimes … just sometimes … the players know best what works and what not in the genres they like. Even if they ain’t able to tell why. If Blizz burned anything with D3, then it’s their PR. (Community management could have been better, but is only on the frontline regarding PR-activities.)

    2. Somehow, Blizzard seems to be hell-bent on turning Diablo into a competetive game. Which is beyond me, considering what happened to their plans for dedicated PvP content. For me, Diablo has always been about discovery, collection and character development – their recent gameplay focus on racing and efficiency only moves the series even further into a wrong direction, in my opinion.

      Slow down on gameplay pacing, Blizzard HQ – you won’t be able recreate the atmospheric glory of the Blizzard North games within a hamster wheel.

      • Endless Difficulty and Leaderboards for “Grifts” are a major contributor to the long-term failure of D3. This endless difficulty has ruined the game for me (apart from many other factors) since no matter how powerful I get, I never get to feel actually powerful because the difficulty is just endless. D2 was awesome because after a lot of dedication and time-investment and utilizing of game-knowledge you would become powerful enough to feel like true killing machine, yet still ran into situations where you could easily die. The best part was the “Journey” to that moment where you became powerful. That Journey was long and awesome. Finding great items was a blast, and being able to trade away the items that you didnt need was also amazing.

        In D2 Once you were fully geared you could do MF runs to find and sell items to become wealthy. You could MF to make new builds or other classes. You could POP (high lvl pvp or low level pvp). You could provide services such as Rushes and Ball/Chaos runs for others. Making new builds and classes was awesome because you started from scratch and you either leveled up yourself or you had a friend that would rush you and then help level you.

        In D3 after reaching level 70 I instantly feel like I am in a hamster wheel and whats the point? Might as well stop playing. Why do MF runs? (which dont even exist anymore in D3), because even if you find godly items, you cant sell them. So what’s the point of playing once you’re fully geared? (and lets not forget you’re often fully geared within 10-15 hours after season start). There is absolutely no purpose of playing D3 past level 70…

        In D3 leveling 1 to 70 is arguably the most fun period and thats why I enjoy Seasons in D3. But that only lasts 2-6 hours?! In D2 leveling up took way longer and then the gearing took way longer too. The cool part was however, that godly gear wasnt nearly as important as it is in D3. you simply had to focus on resistances on your crap gear in order to be able to enter nightmare and then hell difficulty. I loved that at least 50% of damage and defenses as well as specific mechanical perks came from my skill choices. This meant that even crappy gear could be enough to allow you to progress.

        D3 plays way too fast and the exploration and enjoyment of “combat situations” is entirely gone in D3. There is absolutely no character development and choices to be made by players. You stack 100 monsters on top of each other and nuke the crap out of it and move on to the next pack. The combat in D3 is action packed in the first 5 minutes but then you realize its just absolutely meaningless and “nothing really matters”, you just spam meaningless spells with the highest AOE Damage and thats it.

        Ladder Rankings in D2 were for leveling up to 99 and no one really cared about it except a small group of dedicated gamers (or botters lol – but who cares). The remaining people that checked these rankings merely did so to compare their own progress at ladder reset at most. Everyone else was busy trying to get from Normal to Nightmare and then to Hell.

        D2’s progression systems and pacing of combat as well as itemization is one of the best, IF not THE BEST, I have ever seen in a ARPG.

    3. Don’t we already play the same build as everyone else? Same set items, same LGems, same cube slots. If this idea is to even be remotely viable, there needs to be skill and build diversity first.

    4. As PearlJamaholic wrote we all use the same build so whats the idea ?? and as Erg say its loud and clear BS

    5. Joy. More annoying shit like Set Dungeons. I’m so glad I don’t have to do seasons for stash tabs anymore, they’ll no doubt be working this sucky BS into the season journey.

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