Cesspools Only Appearing in Rifts

Cesspools Only Appearing in Rifts

Patch 2.1 will introduce a new area, as announced in last week’s blog update from Blizzard but it’s not a fully fledged area with distinct monsters and bosses and will only spawn during Nephalem and Greater Rifts. This was in the blog update but it’s easy to miss that sort of thing when you’re focussed on the thought of “oh great a new area”. Small print.

The Cesspools are an additional environment that will begin spawning exclusively in Nephalem Rifts (including Greater Rifts). They aren’t a new zone, however, so there aren’t new monsters or bosses associated specifically with them. That would also run somewhat counterintuitive to one of the qualities of Nephalem Rifts in that they are always randomized. It’d be a bit odd to introduce a new environment to Rifts and then have them produce static results.

Adding the Cesspools in was an opportunity for us to toss in a sort of “bonus” for Patch 2.1, as well as feature the awesome artwork and animations that didn’t make it into the launch version of Reaper of Souls that our environment team worked on.

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    5 thoughts on “Cesspools Only Appearing in Rifts

    1. They must have mobs animated for this area or mobs they didn't use some place else like the sewers in Caldeum. The cesspools would have fit well underneath westmarch commons. It's a shame we have to do first to get the zone.

    2. In other words, the D3Y expansion, should it ever see the light of day, will be set somewhere else with a very difficult graphical tone, and they didn't think they'd be able to re-use this tileset there.

      Amazon Isles confirmed?

    3. Wouldn't hurt having Rift-only spawning mobs, though. More diversity is always welcome. So I do hope the blues above doesn't mean that only the bare area will be activated.

    4. Too bad they can throw in new monsters in the Nephalem rifts. I've seen 3D models of something called a "Gorehound" Blizzard never used. Too bad Blizzard couldn't bring it back for the rifts.

    5. Was there a change since the 2.1 announcement? They clearly state in that post that they're only going to feature in rifts. 🙂

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