As we mentioned before, today is the anniversary of many Diablo-related days. Its:

    • 10th anniversary of Diablo II
    • 2nd anniversary of the Diablo III Announcement
    • 9th anniversary of Lord of Destruction

    On this very special day, a massive CONGRATULATIONS goes out to the Diablo franchise, and every faithful member of this community who has been with it for years on end.

    Also, the Diablo 2010 Anniversary Mosaic project reaches its end, so if you didn’t take part you’re not* going to be added to the Diablo Mosaic project done this year (similarly to the StarCraft II one by Blizzard). There might be a anniversary-related initiative next year (Diablo III release too?), but nothing is set in stone.

    The collective of fansites who have worked for this have made a statement, and we added a few random pics as well:

    As diligent fans of the Diablo franchise for many years, we, the undersigned fansites, are delighted to officially be able to unveil the community initiative to the public.

    Without any additional support from Blizzard, it has sometimes been hard to gather the inspiration to work on fan material for this celebration, but there has been a nice little collection of pictures from the community that is now made publicly available.

    Over 100 pictures are collected from 14 different fansites with a variety of eight nationalities containing various levels of modesty. From completely manufactured images of shy fans showing their love through Photoshop (or MS Paint) to every-day stuff like sitting on the toilet, reading your Diablo comics. These fansite members do it everywhere (lovin’ Diablo, that is).

    We all wish we could do more for this Hating Demon in Red and next year perhaps there’s also the release of Diablo III to celebrate! For now, however, we’re going to put all these images into one big mosaic accompanied with the main characters from Diablo II and other Diablo games, and present it as soon as possible.

    Thanks everyone for your input or contributions, and we hope you enjoy the result. The project is not managed on an individual fansite, but on DiabloWiki.net. You can always see any updates or last-minute changes on the Diablo 2010 Anniversary Mosaic page.


    – Diablo3-esp.com (organiser)
    – Diablo: IncGamers (Diii.net) (co-organiser)
    – Blizzplanet.com
    – Diablofans.com
    – D2mantix.com
    – Diablo-3.net
    – Diablo3.cz
    – Diablo-Source.com
    – InDiablo.de
    – Diablo-III.it
    – Diablo3X.com
    – Diablo-3.eu
    – Diablo3.net.ua
    – Diablo4Arab.com

    Take a look here for all the user contributions!

    On a related note, Holyknight3000 has made an Diablo III announcement anniversary wallpaper. I’m sure we’ll have him or Flux delve further in to the details in a Weekly Wallpaper post soon, but to the right here is a sneak preview.

    * There might be a shot at it, if you are quick as hell!

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