As is always the case when Blizzard’s betas are ongoing there is an increase in phishing attempts and now is no exception. We’ve received a number of reports of such emails and I even had one myself earlier this evening. There was also another email offering me a free Reaper of Souls key if I visited another site.  All fake. If you get one take a moment to report it to [email protected]

    If you receive an email from Blizzard saying you are on the beta do not click any links in the email. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t on the beta. To be sure just head to your account on Battle.net (US or EU) and log in as usual. You will see “Diablo III: Reaper of Souls” game directly underneath your “Diablo II”. If it’s not there then you aren’t in the beta. Yet.

    Opt In

    Remember also, you need to be opted into the beta in order to ever get picked. To do this go to your Beta Profile page (US or EU) and make sure the Diablo box is ticked, just as below.

    reaper of souls beta



    If you are lucky enough to get onto the beta just let me know and I’ll give you the special Beta Tester forum title.

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