Cauldron of Jordan Gone?

Cauldron of Jordan removed


I’m afraid it’s back to town for you beta testers as the DiabloWikiCauldron of Jordan will not be returning. Slight panic and frustration followed yesterday’s patching of the beta as testers realised their vendor-in-the field facility was missing from their backpacks.

The Cauldron is all but gifted to you in the beta and testers expected that in the final game it would come later and would have lore attached to it and you’d have to work for it through a quest chain. It felt very much like a convenience just for the beta. But as to allay any fears that Blizzard have reconsidered a mobile sell feature DiabloWikiBashiok left this post:

Cauldron of Jordan … gone!? For reasons of mechanic introduction and pacing, the Cauldron of Jordan is now awarded to the player after the Skeleton King fight, which means it isn’t obtainable within the beta content. It is still very much a game feature though, of course.

We <3 you CoJ.

Source: Blues: IncGamers

Thanks to PaNtsONhEaD for the news tip via chat.


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  1. I was thinking the would remove it.
    I guess mainly as an anti idiot measure.
    Ppl would shurely flood the messageboards wiht “omfg i just COJed my Super Legendary!!11122”
    In town there is a buyback feature!
    So i like the idea, i alos like goin to town to socialise and craft etc.

  2. Call me old-school, but I wouldn’t mind it being removed completely.

    • Why? You would still be salvaging most things so having to haul around things you want to sell instead of salvage would just be… dumb… It would be fine if they removed both the cauldron and the cube and left the stone, but not just one of them…

  3. Title is totally misleading…

  4. In what cases would you use the CoJ over the Neph Cube anyway? I would have thought the crafting materials would always be better value than however much gold the CoJ gave you. Or can you only Neph certain (magical?) items?

  5. Title change? Noway. Its an eye-catcher. Me likes!

  6. You can buy back stuff you COJed if you go back to town. This is the first and the last time I will ever say this on the internet.

  7. Hey Flux, you really should put an “(On the Beta)” suffix on the title… I got heavily scared once I saw it 😛

  8. Cauldron of Jordan gone – another hint (along with FSAA) that the game will go live in January 2012. ^^

  9. Hmm… so are they saying the Nephalem Cube and Stone of Recall are going to be obtained the same way in release then? That’s kind of sad if so…

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