Massive darts @ 13 FPS...

    Massive darts @ 13 FPS…

    The Carnevil WD helm grants very powerful abilities via poison darts from Fetishes, but the downside is heavy machine load, which makes the build unplayable for some players. Thankfully, a fix is in the works. Carnevil Lag Fix Coming Soon:

    John Yang: We’ve made a design change to Carnevil with the goal of reducing lag caused by the build without changing the overall power level. To clarify, the lag is primarily caused by the high number of Poison Darts being fired (20+ piercing projectiles) at a high attack speed (2+ times per second) with the build. The change is as follows:

    Instead of “Every one of your up to 23 Fetishes shoot a Poison Dart every time you do”, Carnevil is now “The 5 Fetishes closest to you will shoot a powerful Poison Dart when you do.”

    “Powerful” in this case means those 5 Poison Darts deal 3.8x the damage that a single Fetish Poison Dart used to do. In other words, those 5 Fetishes will deal 19 previous Poison Darts’ worth of damage, with the expectation that the remaining 4 piercing Poison Darts’ worth of damage will be made up for by the other ~18 Fetishes who are now using basic attacks.

    Our internal testing showed performance improvements while maintaining the general feel and playstyle, and we hope you all will feel the same when you see the changes next PTR patch.

    The change sounds like it’ll make the build more strategic, too. Instead of Fetishes scattered all over the screen, shooting in every direction, now it’ll just be the ones near you. It should give the WD more control over what they’re targeting and which direction they’re firing from?

    Witch Doctors, like the two on our new podcast, have excite?

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