Carnevil Lag Fix Coming Soon

Massive darts @ 13 FPS...
Massive darts @ 13 FPS…
The Carnevil WD helm grants very powerful abilities via poison darts from Fetishes, but the downside is heavy machine load, which makes the build unplayable for some players. Thankfully, a fix is in the works. Carnevil Lag Fix Coming Soon:

John Yang: We’ve made a design change to Carnevil with the goal of reducing lag caused by the build without changing the overall power level. To clarify, the lag is primarily caused by the high number of Poison Darts being fired (20+ piercing projectiles) at a high attack speed (2+ times per second) with the build. The change is as follows:

Instead of “Every one of your up to 23 Fetishes shoot a Poison Dart every time you do”, Carnevil is now “The 5 Fetishes closest to you will shoot a powerful Poison Dart when you do.”

“Powerful” in this case means those 5 Poison Darts deal 3.8x the damage that a single Fetish Poison Dart used to do. In other words, those 5 Fetishes will deal 19 previous Poison Darts’ worth of damage, with the expectation that the remaining 4 piercing Poison Darts’ worth of damage will be made up for by the other ~18 Fetishes who are now using basic attacks.

Our internal testing showed performance improvements while maintaining the general feel and playstyle, and we hope you all will feel the same when you see the changes next PTR patch.

The change sounds like it’ll make the build more strategic, too. Instead of Fetishes scattered all over the screen, shooting in every direction, now it’ll just be the ones near you. It should give the WD more control over what they’re targeting and which direction they’re firing from?

Witch Doctors, like the two on our new podcast, have excite?

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    13 thoughts on “Carnevil Lag Fix Coming Soon

    1. Overall Diablo 3 on PC runs very badly in comparison to its console counterparts, this is not just a one time thing with this Witch Doctor issue. There are some real problems with optimization for this game, when 1k custom built gaming rigs are getting single digit fps then Houston we have a problem.

      I really feel like they overdid the effects and particle system in this game and its not scaling well with how this game plays currently. I saw better performance in the vanilla version.

      Its just not fun to play a slide show because you happened to be playing a certain map and with certain classes using certain particle intense skills.

      • My solution would be to add the option for a player (in the options menu, a check-box we could select) to only see the particle effects of their own skills and other players particle effects would only be rendered in a very basic way and perhaps more transparent as well.

        This way you would reduce eye strain on the player, and strain on the the PC trying to keep track of all this physics work.

        I am really not sure why I “need” to see another players screen spam to begin with in order to properly play Diablo 3.

        My work here is done, mail me my paycheck on Friday.

      • The effects are fine with respect to the original game, but the crux is how many of them you can now use simultaneously after RoS/Loot 2.0 and Kanai’s Cube.

    2. I would wonder why their severs cannot handle the load? The effect is not as exciting, with that change. It was the same old lag they always had in vanilla with the Bridge and doing Crypt runs.

      Server and design issues. Their fix. No more massive numbers of monsters. Now the newest issue, the fix is reduce the amount of projectiles. It amounts to the same thing.

      • It has nothing to do with server load. It’s the client, ie the users PC, that is the problem.

        People incorrectly use the term “lag” to mean “any sort of slowness or unresponsiveness”, when it should really only be used to refer to network latency (which *usually* has nothing to do with server load, either).

    3. As a WD player who has been running the Carnevil build since it was first shown on the second play your way stream like a year ago I have to say I am not a fan of the change. Many times in current Carnevil play you will miss with some number of your darts because your fetishes are in the wrong place, or are too close to the stairs (which block projectiles), and so on. The saving grace was that you knew which fetishes would hit and which wouldn’t based on their location and the layout of the room/map and you could make adjustments if you had to. Now with this change it seems the fetishes who will be doing the actual shooting will be constantly changing based on who is closest to you at that instant, making aiming a total nightmare. But hey, I guess that’s one way to bring the new PTR sets more in line with Carnevil….just nerf Carnevil!!

    4. To me this seems like a good change, as all dart docs will use DOD in conjunction with SMK. So u position youself, hit fetish army than spam darts at the target. I like it.

      • Except that as soon as you stop to cast a spender and proc zuni your FA runs off full tilt at the enemy. Meanwhile new fetish sycophants are constantly being spawned right next to you.

    5. I think this will change things around in the standard Carnevil build.

      – You no longer have to run with the Fetish Sycophants passive and/or the Belt of Transcendence for maximum dart numbers.

      – You also don’t need to pick Legion of Daggers for your Fetish rune, since 5 is the regular number of fetishes produced by it. Does this open the door to a non-poison dart attack?

      • Dropping Fetish Sycophants is a huge drop in toughness. The Zuni 4piece gives 2% damage reduction per fetish. No Sycophants or belt means losing 30% damage reduction. And running the passive is problematic because Sycophants do not benefit from %Fetish Army damage on gear. A very similar solution many people are asking for is that Carnevil makes it so that only your Fetish Army shoots darts when you do. This way, you can use Sycophants for increased toughness if you wish, without having to worry about a huge drop in dps if a Sycophant is closer to you than your Fetish Army.

        • A change like that I would be in much more support of than the proposed “5 closest” mechanism. If it is always your FA shooting darts that gives you much more flexibility in letting them engage a bit to overcome terrain/obstacles that are in their way to obtain a clear shooting lane . This kind of gameplay is not possible with the “5 closest”, since your new fetish sycophants (which you will still need for toughness) will be always spawning right next to you and countering your attempts to let the shooters get around obstacles.

    6. Fetish rune is still useful for the pets ability to block and the Zunimassa 4 piece set bonus

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