Caption This: Cute Diablo III Couple

Fmulder spotted a cute picture of a couple playing Diablo III together, and just as I prepared to post news about it, someone else pointed out that it had already made the main page on

So here’s the picture, and just because we haven’t done one in forever, let’s make it a Caption This! Insert your witty, clever, or obnoxious caption in the comments and use the upvote (or not) to measure your approval.

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54 thoughts on “Caption This: Cute Diablo III Couple

  1. And just to get in fmulder’s from the forum thread….


    THIS is how we do it in Kingsport!!!!

  2. i’m sure the next thing we’ll see is a granny playing d3. dunno about others, but i feel the world of sanctuary is being raped in a way pretty much like indiana jones is raped by george lucas and steven spielberg in that south park episode. :mrgreen:

  3. Maybe it was the skimpy shorts.  Maybe it was the new shampoo she was using.  Maybe it was her perfume that smelled like slightly burnt cotton candy… or maybe it was the way the pantaloons clung to his demon hunter’s tight buttocks.  She didn’t care.  He was aroused for the first time in months and she was going to get it any way she could.

  4. “Honey, I have to pee…Can you get up really quick?”
    “Two seconds, Vampiric, Jailer, Molten, Vortex pack!”

  5. “I’m gonna’ get you to drop those pants like a boss, I don’t care how long I gotta’ grind.”

  6. Good thing Blizzard plans to buff the legendary items, because this just isn’t doing it for me…

  7. Why is letterbox turned on when she already has a widescreen? Waste of resolution.
    Thats not a caption btw, it’s a serious question.
    Oh wait, thats not the point of this picture, is it?

    • Most likely they have a 16×10 monitor and are playing in 16×9 resolution, which actually gives you a wider visual field (at the cost of black bars top and bottom).

  8. Guy: Finally, it’s time to take on Inferno. I’m so excited!
    Girl: I could tell.

  9. Diablo 3 softcore: you’re doing it right.


    Diablo 3 hardcore: you’re doing it wrong.

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