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    Caption This! It’s fun and easy: look at the picture, think of an amusing or absurd comment, and put it in a comment to this post. One sample caption is provided below, but you need not emulate it, or pattern your reply after it. You might want to view the full-sized image; click it to open it in the Image Gallery.

    If you’re not familiar with “Caption This” contests, it’s high time you learned. Here are some examples from gossip blogs, gaming blogs, expensive sneaker contests, and even The New Yorker.

    Winner selection and prizes.
    One winning caption will be selected from the comment threads on each article. Selection criteria is up to the sole discretion of site staff, and being funny certainly won’t hurt your chances, but this isn’t necessarily a joke contest. An especially clever or insightful comment can be as effective as a good one liner. There’s no word limit, but it’s a good idea to be as brief and to the point as possible.

    The author of that caption will win one of these. As you can read, the card is identical to the one included in the WWI Paris goodie bag. Each card holds two codes; one that will give you a slot in the ongoing WoW WotLK beta test, and the other that can be redeemed for a Tyrael mini-pet, an ultra-rare WoW pet available exclusively from this card.

    Contest closes at midnight, Sunday, August 24th. Here are the four images:

    And here’s the image for this contest:


    Sample caption: “That’s the last time I buy seeds online!”

    A PM has been sent to the winner. As soon as he/she replies, the codes for the WoW beta slot and the Tyrael mini-pet will be sent along.

    This was the hardest of the 4 shots to pick a winner for, since at least half a dozen entries were amusing, clever, and game-related. In the end, a winner was semi-randomly chosen from the last few finalists. Congrats to Starving_Poet! Making a joke that references events in earlier games in the series seems a good way to score highly on these contests, now that we’ve judged 4 of them and observed our own tendencies.

    In Diablo III, there were plans to revamp the old druid skill, Oak Sage.

    Second place ties:

    The Tree of Inifuss wants its scroll back

    This would have made “The Happening” worth watching

    The World Tree meets Diablo 3.

    Honorable mentions, listed in the order in which they were posted:

    As Blizzard implemented Druids in to Diablo 3, they realised the Tree form needs a bit of work

    Naked man begins to regret not putting his points into Axe Mastery.

    “I told you so!!!” – Al Gore

    “Oh wait, you’re saying I shouldn’t have fed my plant with atomic waste?

    Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?

    “I’ll NEVER litter again, I swear!”

    The Gardening Contest ended in a disaster.

    The perfect example of why you were never supposed to eat that big black mushroom from D1

    In Soviet Russia, trees burn you!

    even tree’s feel like puking after a hot pocket..

    “Calm down and let me cut them off, they’re just dead people!”


    Oh my god! RUN Forest run

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