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    Caption This! It’s fun and easy: look at the picture, think of an amusing or absurd comment, and put it in a comment to this post. One sample caption is provided below, but you need not emulate it, or pattern your reply after it. You might want to view the full-sized image; click it to open it in the Image Gallery.

    If you’re not familiar with “Caption This” contests, it’s high time you learned. Here are some examples from gossip blogs, gaming blogs, expensive sneaker contests, and even The New Yorker.

    Winner selection and prizes.
    One winning caption will be selected from the comment threads on each article. Selection criteria is up to the sole discretion of site staff, and being funny certainly won’t hurt your chances, but this isn’t necessarily a joke contest. An especially clever or insightful comment can be as effective as a good one liner. There’s no word limit, but it’s a good idea to be as brief and to the point as possible.

    The author of that caption will win one of these. As you can read, the card is identical to the one included in the WWI Paris goodie bag. Each card holds two codes; one that will give you a slot in the ongoing WoW WotLK beta test, and the other that can be redeemed for a Tyrael mini-pet, an ultra-rare WoW pet available exclusively from this card.

    Contest closes at midnight, Sunday, August 24th. Here are the four images:

    The image for this contest:

    Sample caption: “Get off my lawn!”

    Perhaps boosted by the fact that I’ve been playing a fair amount of Diablo I over the past month, Arodriq’s amusing commentary on the quality of the new goatmen models and their performance in the early days caught the judges’ attention.

    Goatmen have come a long way from sitting around a Goat Shrine waiting to be mowed down by chain lightning.

    Second place.

    Oh f*** this. Did you see what he did to that BARBARIAN the other day?
    I choose life

    This place: A tie! Tankz gets credit for making the joke first, but they both made me laugh much harder than they should have. However, both were unrelated to the game, and thus their settling for the not-winner place.

    Madonna’s latest single was not recived well by her fans..

    The audience was not pleased with Oprah’s latest gifts..

    Honorable Mentions
    Listed in the order they were posted. Stapleman won the special non-prize for the worst pun of the contest. One I suspect he’s been waiting to make for years.

    Believe it or not, this is actually a teaser for the next Hulk movie.

    How many times to have to tell you guys to add a cover sheet to your TPS Reports!!!!!

    A preview of the movie “Satyr-day Night Fever”. The release is expected world wide the 4th quarter of 2009.

    The salesclerk was right. This perfume really does make the men come running.

    “You know I saw a porno movie that started like this once”

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