Caption This: Bashiok from San Diego Comic Con 2014

Blizzard has been tweeting pics from their merch booth at the San Diego Comic Con, and since it’s been months and months since we’ve seen Bashiok and his mustache… I couldn’t resist.

Caption This: Bashiok from San Diego Comic Con 2014!

Bashiok and his mustache from SDCC 2014.

Bashiok and his mustache from SDCC 2014.

Don’t be mean, or at least don’t *just* be mean. You’ve got to be clever too. Besides, why would you want to be mean? Everyone loves DiabloWikiBashiok. That merch he’s posing with is the limited edition Whimsyshire skinned Treasure Goblin plushie, if you were wondering.

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  1. Every time a forum poster’s hopes and dreams are crushed with sarcasm, a Blizzard CM grows another facial hair.

    • Best get over there and liberate some hair, then. He simply looks his best in a sloppy trimmed full beard. Anyways…


  2. "And then I said… Aren't you thankful?"

  3. Bashiok: "So, what class is your main character?"
    Player: "I play monk."
    Bashiok: 😀

  4. Next patch – gobbies with mustache drop DOUBLE loot.

  5. Let me demonstrate the D3 team approved way to laugh, you will all laugh this way from now on for it is the best way to do it, aren't you thankful?

  6. “see, we never told anyone we did all programming for Diablo 3 with our eyes closed, hilarious, isn’t it?”

  7. Mighty morphin' power rangers? Don't they know that the BEST games are dark and brooding and have NO rainbows at all? Right treasure goblins?

    -Goblin plushies reply- Right!

    -all laugh-

  8. brushie brushie brushie: aren’t you thankful?

  9. "ha ha ha, I can't believe you suckers bought D3 in its original form; ha ha ha, I get paid anyway"

  10. “And then I told them the plush toys would have limited-edition mustaches, BUT I LIED!!!”

  11. Who's Laughing Now? Hehehe

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