Since you guys seemed to enjoy this one last week, and since we’ve got dozens of caption worthy pieces of Diablo 3 concept art, here we go again. Submit your caption, humorous, wacky, or poetic, and win fabulous cash and prizes!*

    This week’s Caption This! image is a piece of monster art that was seen in the WWI art trailer, but has never been seen since. It might be the rough draft of the DiabloWikiEnraged Spirit, a floating, legless monster seen in the desert tombs in the Blizzcon 2009 demo build, but those monsters were not armored brawlers, and were a ghostly greenish/blue in appearance.

    Also note that we’ve recently upgraded our comments script, and you can now post replies to others, as well as vote thumbs up or down on comments. If you wish to love, hate or hehindeed someone’s comment, please do.

    * There are no cash or prizes. Only glory. Fabulous, fabulous glory!

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