Monday’s Caption This featured a three-panel series of Cain cinematic concept art, as he reacted to the incoming meteor. Quite a few of the reader-suggested captions took the natural comic strip rhythm and included lines for each panel, and as I read over them I realized they really should be presented in the traditional LOLcat format, which I like to call DiabLOLs. So I hopped into Photoshop, pasted in the captions, uploaded them to the new D3 Humor gallery, and here they are.

    I did nine of the reader captions from Monday’s post, including all the most up-voted, the LOLcat one I trolled with in the first comment, plus the most down-voted as well, just to see if it works better in this form than it did purely as text. Click any image to see it larger, with the author credit.


    These are just the first three; click through see the rest, then hit the comments. Are they better this way? Does reading this like this inspire you to write your own? Or are you more tired of LOLcats at this point than you are of waiting for D3? If you want to complain, remember to ask nicely. “Can haz nao moar lulz, plz? Kthx.”



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