Caption This #19: Mysterious Thing

More Caption This fun this week, with an entrant from the mysterious depths of the Diablo 3 art reel. This image was on the art movie Blizzard released at the Diablo 3 debut back in June of 2008, and even two years later, we’ve still got no idea at all what/who it/he is. Undead monster? Creepy NPC? Other?  I’d make more suggestions, but that would cut into the potential caption material.

Have fun, and as always, the winning caption will win its author a warm, happy feeling inside.


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1 thought on “Caption This #19: Mysterious Thing

  1. Oh snap!  I live in San Antonio (just under an hour away from Austin)!!!  I might actually be able to make this! 

    If I do, I’ll try to take video (my cellie cam isn’t very good, so I probably have to come up with another way).

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