Caption This #17: Adorable Child & Body Pillow

It’s time for a new Caption This, and we’re using one of Blizzard’s joke images from this year’s April First revelry. What’s this adorable child saying? Thinking? Is that delight in her eyes, or terror over an impending, monster-themed doom? Share your thoughts with the group, and as always, the best captions entered into this non-test will win fabulous imaginary prizes!

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1 thought on “Caption This #17: Adorable Child & Body Pillow

  1. Nice info, as for the environment traps its as I expected.
    Given that 90% of games have achievements nowadays it be more of a shock if diablo didn’t have any.

    As for the set of questions, you might be interested that Bear vs Lion fights that happened in America in the 19th century all ways ended up with a dead lion. This is due to the lion going for the throat as it normally does this exposes it to the bear paws and bosh dead lion. Given that the tiger uses the same method to kill its prey (neck bites) and that the skull is almost identical to that of a lion it would lose for the same reason the lion does.

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