It’s been a while since we saw any new wallpapers, partially due to HK’s computer problems and partially due to a lack of fresh concept art material from Blizzard. Still, one of you guys couldn’t have whipped up some sort of Secret Rainbow (pride) Level featuring the male wizard? As Bashiok once said

    Nevertheless, Monday mornings are traditionally a time when we share some interesting imagery to start off the week. And in the absence of any new Diablo 3 Wallpapers, it’s time for a Caption This!  Today’s image goes way back to the D2 days, with a wallpaper showing off part of the Pandemonium Fortress that you don’t really see, while hitting your stash. What’s the Paladin thinking here? What’s Cain doing, other than warming his creaky old bones by the fire? And speaking of that fire, what’s cooking?

    Have at it with your best amusing or wacky or inspired caption, and feel free to use the thumb up/down system to reward captions you find the most amusing.

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