It’s time for another installment of Caption This, where we provide an interesting piece of Diablo 3 artwork and you guys provide the your best caption. Funny, snarky, role playing, profound, or other. Add it in the comments, and the best caption wins.*

    This is the first Caption This by popular request, since when we first posted the photo of this painting by Brom, which hangs in the newly-upgraded Blizzard art museum on their Irvine campus, spontaneous captioning broke out in the comments. Let’s hope the mood strikes once again; what else have you got to do on a Monday?

    Incidentally, DiabloWikiBashiok let me know that this painting is not concept art; Brom, who has worked with Blizzard in the past (providing box art for D2 and WoW), viewed the finished game art for the DiabloWikiTomb Viper, and created his own version. But why? Just a hobby? I couldn’t help but wonder if Brom might be working on trading cards or some other project for Diablo 3. Bashiok of course, had no comment.) Yet another reason, if you needed one, to become a popular fantasy artist; you get to see Diablo 3 stuffs long before anyone else!

    * Win = warm, happy feeling in your tummy.

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