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29 thoughts on “Caption This: Furry Diablo 3

  1. A pity the cat wasn’t rubbing it’s face on the keyboard. Then the caption would be obvious: FACEROLLING!

    That said, to be honest I’m a really big cat person. To me, the cuddly kitty cat is far more important to the picture than the D3. For the real caption, I would probably call it ‘Keyboard Cat be PWNing.’

  2. any Kormac quote:

    “A mighty adversary is before us.”
    “There! A worthy foe!”
    “I don’t like the look of that.”
    “Always wanted to fight some of these.”

  3. I said “I need more Fury!” not “I need more furry!”


    Keyboard cat is protesting that there is no cat as a Demon Hunter Companion.


    Meowblo 3: Reaper of Mice

  4. “So you went and bought RoS with BoA in it? Not purring for you, sir!”

    “Bound on Account… Sprawled over keyboard. What’s the difference?”

    “I cant has tradez!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!1”

    (Did I mention I hate BoA? :scratchchin: In case I didn’t — and also in case I did — here it is again: I hate BoA. Hate it hate it HATE IT absolutely and forever..! :angry smiley I can’t access:)

  5. “Hey you, yes you right there. Could you move this keyboard little. I dont want to wake up qwerty on my ass” :3

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