Cancelling Your Diablo 3 Auctions

As you know, once you post an item up for auction that should be it, and the auction should run its course. However, Blizzard for some reason has based the auction time around the time of you internal PC clock which means with some time resetting locally you can cancel auctions now by setting your clock back on your PC. Set your clock back to behind the time of when the action was posted and it can be cancelled.

While we know that Blizzard plan on allowing you to cancel auctions in 1.03, it looks like this little workaround does the trick also right now.

Allowing the cancelling of auctions is in patch 1.0.3 (OK, I’m 99% sure of that). We don’t currently have plans to let you change times.

Here it is in action…

Thanks to Jan for alerting us to this problem.

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23 thoughts on “Cancelling Your Diablo 3 Auctions

  1. “Little work around” aka major exploit (and one that’s easily trackable) I doubt blizzard would ban on this, but they have every right to and ability to.. I wouldnt do this

    • Also, it shouldn’t be that hard to double check what and how you put something into the AH.

    • Auction House items either sell very quickly, or they don’t sell at all. The day and a half wait is frustrating for everyone using the AH.

      I would REALLY like to see a “Number of Bids” column added to the auction. Simply having a minimum price, buyout, and time remaining doesn’t indicate whether the item is anywhere near fairly priced or not.

      • Maybe that’s because you over-price or under-price your items too much? My items tend to sell quite evenly time-wise…

  2. I totally don’t understand how this made it into the game.

    Its been done before, exploited before, we know not to do this now.

    It seems like there are two blizzards that are working on Diablo 3. The one that can make an utterly awesome near perfect game…oh and also the one that has never gamed, coded, and failed their way to the top.

    Its amazing to me how they can get so many thing so very right, and yet make mistakes that so very few people would ever make. Glaring errors.

    • Yip, that’s what happens when a company grows. They hire new employees, who aren’t always the best or brightest. If the people managing them don’t spot the flaws in the design then this is what you end up with.

      Also the team is a separate group from the Diablo team.

      • maybe its the other way around ? i am wondering if the people in charge of major design decisions aren’t getting a little too old for their job ? i mean when blizzard was young it created geek-games from geeks for geeks. now that gaming is kinda sociable acceptable and vastly profitable the expectations for games have obviously changed.

        you know kinda like George Lucas ; when he was young he was daring and “visionary” despite his low budget.
        but when he created Starwars I-III and the latest Indiana Jones he just leaned on the Trademarks themselves and tried to create something for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e so he shoved tons of “hip” CGI into the movie retarded supposedly funny sidekicks and action. well the plot / narrative and the cinematography were obviously secondary this time around…

        i feel similar about d3 this time around… i sure got my 60 bucks worth of game. but fondness ? not so much…

  3. I’m waiting with anticipation for the ability to cancel my auctions. As it’s almost been promised (99%), I can’t see much harm in using this go around, even if I myself actually haven’t had any trouble with my stuff not selling in time the last few days. I guess Im selling stuff too cheap 😉

    • Difference being that using this method, you can cancel items that have bids on them.

  4. Im guessing this trick is made possible perhaps by the logic that it may have seemed to the devs more economical and efficient to have the short five min cancellation window tracked locally rather than detour valuable (relative) server resources from an overburdened network they were already struggling to maintain.. still not sure why once listed, system time retains any correlation to a posted (server side) auction.. Actually Im probably wrong, so don’t bother reading this comment 😉 : P

  5. I’m wondering… when you will be able to cancel auctions at any time… who is still going to bother to bid on an auction when it can be canceled at any time if for instance the seller decides that it’s not selling for high enough?
    I’m already bidding (instead of buyout) for only ~5% of the items… Or maybe you won’t be able to cancel the no-buyout auctions?

    • Generally, as in WoW, if you cancel an auction with an existing bid, your fee for cancellation is the cut of the final auction value that the AH would normally take.

  6. I wonder what Blizzard’s stance on this exploit is. Since they’re going to add it in a future patch anyway, does it matter if you do it now? I’d rather know what their stance is before I do this, but if they’re okay with it, I’m gonna use it a lot. I still haven’t gotten the knack of pricing my stuff so it will actually sell. =/

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