Since the announcement this morning that the game has been approved in Korea now without the RMAH, some of you have been asking about whether you can play on Korean servers. Risingred popped over to the official boards to get some clarification on region cross-over and got this response.

    With an NA account you’ll be able to play everywhere, but you’ll only be able to use the currency-based auction house in NA.

    Just for normal play, imagine it like Diablo II. On every region you have access it’s a completely separate database, different gold auction house, and you have a different set of 10 characters available. Each region is a separate ‘realm’ of the game. We’ll have more information about the whole cross-regional play closer to launch.

    Trying to read through this…ugh. So is this subject to change, or concrete? And as per your updated post, can we change these regions in-game since you invoked the D2 example? That would be surprising and pleasant, for once.

    Sorry, it’s a bit confusing to explain even though it’s extremely simple and obvious in practice.

    Pretty solid, of course nothing is guaranteed. Yes the whole point is you can change regions in-game. You’re welcome. 🙂

    So as an australian does this mean I’m only allowed to use the SEA rmah? That’s kinda terrible for a lot of people.

    I’m unaware of all the regional breakdowns. I’d wait for the more info I referenced.

    I am not sure why you would want to play on the Korean servers unless you were so adverse to playing with other gamers who could be buying their way into good items.

    Update: Bashiok added several more replies to this thread, clarifying confusing the issue. According to him, Korea does have an RMAH that generates (and spends) Bobby Bucks. You just can’t cash it out for real money. This is confusing and apparently incorrect, as it contradicts news reports on Blizzard’s latest attempt to win approval from the KGRB.

    Click through to view Bashiok’s follow ups.

    From what the blue said, you wouldn’t have access to their RMAH anyway. But it’s good to know that we have access to at least one purely gold-based economy.
    Hrm. Well Korea still has a currency-based auction house, there’s just no current cash out functionality. They can buy and sell items and still build up their Battle.net balance to buy Blizzard goods and services from the store.

    Deleting my response until I can verify what actually occurred. Maybe I’m incorrect in my understanding of what was submitted for approval.

    …So, I was right, they have an auction house that uses Battle.net balance, which is separate from the gold auction house. There are some details I’m still fuzzy on because the Korea Battle.net balance works a bit differently from ours.

    In any case, it won’t be the currency-free option you’re looking for.

    The thread was subsequently locked, then deleted, which seems an indication that Bashiok’s information was incorrect. No further clarification has yet been issued.

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