Can the Mystic Enchant/Upgrade Current Gear in RoS?

Interesting question from a fan about item levels and Mystic enchants. Since monster and item levels are increasing up to 70 in Reaper of Souls, and we’re going to see new and bigger affixes above those in the game today, there’s a question how that’ll work with existing gear. Can you reroll anything you own now and get a potentially bigger stat than you could today, in RoS? Such as via the DiabloWikiMystic?

Does anyone know if you can upgrade your item levels with the Mystic?

Reason I ask is because I’m sure that some people (myself included) have legendaries that they are very happy with the effects on but that we don’t particularly want to have to re-hunt for new versions at level 70 (specifically skill cost reduction gear, cause -19 Meteor cost is hard to get).
Grimiku: This is a great question, and I have an answer that might make some of you happy. Right now, we’re currently looking at having it so that when you re-roll an affix through Enchanting, the new roll is based on your character level. So, you could re-roll a core stat (as an example) on a lower-level item, and make that item a lot more appealing to a higher level character. This will allow you to continue to use gear that you’re otherwise outgrowing, and help extend the life on some of those awesome items.

Enchanting is still a work in progress, though, so some of these details might change.

I understand that you can re-roll an affix. But can base armour and base weapon damage be re-rolled as well?
Grimiku: A lot of the details regarding Enchanting are still being finalized, and we’ll be sure to share more information about it as time goes on. We know there are a lot of questions (like this) to be discussed, and we look forward to talking more about it when we can.

Since item damage and armor defense largely stems from the base item’s level, the level 64-70 gear in RoS will be better, even if the stats aren’t bigger than those on current gear. But if you could upgrade the item level of a piece of gear, even if all of the stats remained the same, it would become a better item. Especially for weapons, where DPS is so important.

Will the devs include something like this, though?

1) No, since they want us out killing monsters and finding or making new gear in RoS; not just upgrading our current stuff.
2) On the other hand, why not? Allowing upgrades to current gear could work as a helpful stepping stone towards the new top end gear. Your upgraded Echoing Fury wouldn’t be as good as new top end gear with Mystic enchants on it, but it could help you survive and prosper until you found something new.

What say you?

Personally, I think this and all the other “what about my current gear?” questions we’ve heard lately are pissing in the wind. This sort of thing will be an issue for about a week after RoS is released, then forgotten. Very quickly in the expansion players will find, craft, or purchase upgrades for practically every slot. And if a player hasn’t it’s due to bad RNG, and in any event, we’ll all be craving new items that are so much better than any current gear that bothering to upgrade leftover D3C gear will seem pointless.

Out with the old. Adapt or die.

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    9 thoughts on “Can the Mystic Enchant/Upgrade Current Gear in RoS?

    1. I pretty much share Flux’s sentiment, and I’m actually looking forward to finding/crafting all new gear. I’d rather have the expansion make all current endgame items obsolete, rather than worry about upgrading them. Maybe that’s because I haven’t used the RMAH, though.

    2. I really hope not…I hope the enchanting is limited, i like to play the ‘hunt item’ game more than enchant item one…

    3. “2) On the other hand, why not?”

      Because they’re adding the enchanting option as a band-aid fix that serves both, money/material sink and partial gear customization through de-randomization purposes. With the potential chance to boost weapon base-damage and that being the key stat for every weapon (by how the game works at this time), nothing but rolling ‘increased base-damage’ would be accepted by players and thus, there goes customization.

      I’m all pro item de-randomization, but giving players full control over which former affix gets replaced by which new affix might subvert the whole system by turning it into another non-relevant ‘choice without options’. So, enchanting needs to rely either on a good bit of randomziation mixed with limited attempts (through high cost, for example) or some clever rules (like ‘defensive affixes can only be replaced by other defensive affixes’, in order to prevent damage stacking, for example).

    4. I would had no problem even if they had decided to make full reset, so I already accepted that my Tal Rasha’s chest with all-res, which I found in armor stack, will lose it’s value.
      Happy hunting 🙂

      • If that’s how it works, the billionaires with 16h a day of free time will have perfect items within a week of release.

        I’m much slower than that (I haven’t played in 3 months) so I’m cool with this to augment the power of my chars slowly while grinding through the achivements and leveling my chars.

        I’d really like to be able to find/enchant my own items to progress rather than go shopping on the AH which I try to avoid but sometimes it just gets too frustrating especially on HC.

    5. Item progression, WoW style.
      And MOAR (RM)AH purchase of course.
      My main is barely at 120K unbuffed so I guess that I am still among those who would benefit the most from the RoS transition.

    6. nobody gives a shit. people want pvp and good end game. mystic etc. are just minor fixes, more like update patch than expansion.

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