In Diablo II, the DiabloWikiScroll of Identify can be annoying at times when you run out of them, forcing you to visit the nearest town,m ostly because you consume a costly town portal in the process. Buying a tome of Identify solves most of the problem, at the cost of some inventory slots. Of course, you can also visit the town to get a free identify from DiabloWikiDeckard Cain.

    Bottomline, each time you find an unidentified item your gameplay has to stop briefly. Would it be good to remove Idenitfy from the game? Would it have that Diablo II feeling you wish to be in the next game? There are a few ways DiabloWikiIdentify could be improved in Diablo III.

    For example, since items now only take one slot, we could buy Scrolls of Identify, stacking it up to 50 or 100. That would certainly solve the teleporting to the Town too often irritation. Or as our gameplay progresses and we gain high levels we could have access to buying a special stone or artifact that can permanently identify armor and weapons for us.

    Said artifact could still be viable with some fun. For example, if the Idenitfy artifact had to be recharged to continue working, maybe certain magical mobs could drop rarely a magical spark similar to the health globes, to recharge the Identify artifact. We would like to listen to your feedback, and probably can forward it to Bashiok.

    Would you want the Identify feature gone? Or would you want an improved version of the Scroll of Identify? You can submit suggestions too.

    Bashiok: The identify system has gone through quite a few internal iterations already, and I think we’ll probably see quite a few more. It’s an interesting system in a lot of ways because first off it’s something everyone remembers from the previous games, so if it wasn’t there you’d probably wonder where it went. In a different light you could literally remove it entirely and probably not impact gameplay itself very much at all. It’s also open ended enough where you could blow the system out and do something new and cool with it. Ultimately (and I know it’s a broken record at this point) we’ll do what is best for the game and what adds to the best game experience possible.

    Personally – my own personal thoughts on the system – are that I think you could do almost anything with it and I’d be just fine. It wasn’t annoying to me when playing the previous games, it was just a part of how they played, if it was removed I don’t think I’d really miss it either, and if it was changed for the better then that’s cool too.—source

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