Can Diablo 3 Beta Accounts be Transferred?

A fan asked if he could transfer his DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta access to another account, and got an answer he was hoping not to receive.

Is it possible to transfer beta access to an other account? I will explain.

My friend has an access and he doesnt play much. So i got another friend that would play with me a lot. Is it possible to give this access to my other friend ? so we can play the Beta 2gether

Remember this post the next time you see someone despairing at the windy, ambiguous replies we so often get from the Blizzard CMs. Of course the Blue post is by Omrakos from tech support, a domain in which yes/no answers are not merely allowed, but actively encouraged.

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13 thoughts on “Can Diablo 3 Beta Accounts be Transferred?

  1. In Russian, the word “mrak” means “gloom”, while “omrachat’” is, correspondingly, “to gloom”, “to overshadow” (stem alternation between “mrak” and “mrach” is normal and insignificant).

    That being said, how can someone named “Omrakos” give positive, assuring replies??? ๐Ÿ˜€ ย 

    • It’s funny, since I’ve heard from friends who got hired by Bliz, and the screening process on a new CM’s name is crazy. You have to submit multiple possibles and they spend weeks checking it in every language for hidden obscene meanings, etc.ย  So I wonder how this one slipped through; maybe since it’s a homophone, rather than the exact spelling? Or they just don’t care about depressing Russian words?

      Edit: LOL at the auto-bleep function. I’d spell it phonetically, but that would be a little too ironic.

    • Yep, in a perfect world ungrateful sob’s would be banned:)
      But to be more constructive, they should redistribute keys to others IF people stopped logging in at their accounts!

    • Many beta testers are letting friends use their accounts, though I guess Bliz can’t recommend this as it’s technically a violation of the EULA.ย  (I have given like 11 different people access to mine, and I don’t even play it myself.) It’s also problematic for people who stuck their D3 beta onto an account with other games, especially WoW, since you have to really trust a friend to give them access then.

    • ^ That’s an example of what I explained in the first post ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh sh, do not attempt to Google translate it, Google is wrong! ๐Ÿ˜†

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