Our german collegues, InGame.de, started a very plausible petition for the Diablo III team to motivate them to think of methods to replace mulling in Diablo 2 via patch. For Diablo III, this was already discussed in the Invitationals (WWI) and Blizzcon 2008, however Diablo 2 will be around for a while with no viable way to exchange items between alternate characters. This petition is a good way to get the community around the world together as a single voice.  Diablo 2 needs this feature. In order to sign the petition you must register and sign in.

    Dear Blizzard Entertainment,
    Dear Activision Blizzard,

    We all have been playing Diablo, Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction for many years, and really enjoyed travelling through this atmospherical fantasy world, experiencing the adventures versus the prime evil with different kinds of characters. We also want to thank you for supporting us with patches and new challenges all the time: we really appreciate the time and effort Blizzard Entertainment put into responding to our requests.

    As the lately ban of 350000 Accounts showed, you still care about cleaning the Battle.net from cheaters and hackers. But that ban showed something else as well:

    The community wants a safe method to transfer items from one character to another. We did this in the past by starting several instances of Diablo 2 via a modified d2gfx.dll and it was at least tolerated for several years. We disabled the check for running instances in good faith that it is just a technical measure to protect slower computers, not an anti-cheat-device, because running multiple instances is possible with more than one user account as well as by simply owning multiple computers.

    Since you started banning people for using this method, it is no longer possible to transfer items between different characters of the same player easily.
    As collecting Items is one of the main reasons to play Diablo 2 after so many years, the lack of such a feature is restricting the fun while playing. So today, with this petition, we tell you one of the communities biggest wishes:

    Give us a safe method for muling!

    As this feature is in World of Warcraft and will be in Diablo 3, we know that you know about this problem as well and that you are able to solve it.

    We do not want to be seen as cheaters or hackusers like all those botters and maphack users for wanting to keep our items safe.

    We only ask for a feature that should have been in the game from the beginning to make it an even greater experience to play!

    Yours sincerely,

    The united fans of Diablo

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