Cain is Not Belial… It’s Worse Than That!

Fmulder spotted an amusing blue forum post from Blizzard’s new lore CM, Nyorloth.

Excellent compilation of theories and observations from the Book of Cain in this thread, especially the first few posts – we’re looking forward to how you all react when you see how the single player campaign plays out.

DiabloWikiDeckard Cain is not DiabloWikiBelial in disguise, by the by. He’s DiabloWikiAndariel (complete with tassles).

The plot thickens…

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13 thoughts on “Cain is Not Belial… It’s Worse Than That!

  1. We would be glad to show you our reactions…


    We had so many years to speculate, i wonder if Blizz really came up with better things than the fans…

    • Eh, edited for being inappropriate and inadvertently creepy. I think you got a very passive, pr-esque response, is all I can really say.

  2. Risengred, I decided that Blizzard is looking for distractions away from the newest fires they are trying to put out (omg delayed AGAIN).  There was my post ready made. That said, I am still eager to talk about my theories.  Might as well make the most of having more time before release.

  3. If you eliminate one story option does the plot thicken or does it really just get thinner… 8)

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