Cafe Tristram Opens in China

A cafe in China has decided to cash-in on the popularity of Diablo 3. Called the Cafe Tristram, the place is decked out with all kinds of Diablo paraphernalia and you have to admit the entrance is pretty cool.

Thanks Fmulder

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    24 thoughts on “Cafe Tristram Opens in China

    1. Look at all of the unliscensed awesomeness that will never exist in America or any other copyright obeying country.

    2. China, the only place where they can get away with copyright infringement. Any other place nabs you in jail.

      • Bright, shiny and disappointing with only the addicts and children getting a kick out of it. D3 Bar come at us !!

        • As long as you are not an addict…spending your time on a site dedicated to 15 year old franchise which has very limited content and the only purpose of the game is to repeat the same VERY limited content over and over and OVER (hard work and effort as peoplke often call it here with their “I lost my HC character after so much EFFORT put in to it”) with the aim to get imaginary items.

    3. Is it just me… or is that Arthas’s/The Lich King’s helm sitting there on the counter? The people can’t even keep their franchises straight.

      • Look again its a skull + neck vertebra with a crown on top so I believe its meant to be the skeleton king head (though its a very big neck and a tiny head).

        • No, that’s definitely the Helm of Domination that turned Death Knight Arthas into the Lich King. That’s even the Lich King figurine next to it on the counter. Surprised that there aren’t zergling figures displayed to double as “demons”.

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