Buying Diablo 3

where to buy diablo 3As time presses on towards release, (34 days and counting), many of you will have already pre-ordered your copy of Diablo III but for those who haven’t we have compiled a new page detailing where the regular version and collector’s edition can be bought. There are links to the websites plus the prices which includes postage and packaging.

If you come across any other outlets (in any country), or any of the following prices change, or you find some special offers just leave a note in the comments (of the article not this news item) and we’ll update this list.

Click through for the full list.

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2 thoughts on “Buying Diablo 3

  1. yeah you should forward everyone to the Ebay store where one is selling a CE for $2999 lol……..going once…….going twice……..back to the attic until the next discount sale

  2. For my Singaporean and Malaysian friends!

    For those lucky enough to form a party of four, this retailer is willing to let us pre-order at the low, low price of SGD65.90. In comparison, the digital download is SGD90 and the Gamespot midnight launch event at Funan Digitalife Mall is going to retail the game for SGD89 (source here:

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to any of the organisations mentioned above, nor can I vouch for them! I am merely a happy Singaporean gamer who has gotten a huge discount thanks to a tip-off by my AWESOME clanmates at Auspicium. whoooooooo 😀 

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