Would you buy a Diablo 2 Remaster?

Would you buy a Diablo 2 Remaster?

Last night Blizard released the StarCraft Remaster and it’s now listed on the Battle.net client. We’ve seen hints in job postings that perhaps Blizzard is looking at a Diablo 2 remaster but there’s no concrete confirmation on that as yet.

Now I know that many of you here are huge Diablo 2 fans, still play Diablo 2 regularly, and have been with us here on Diabloii.Net for many, many years. The question is, would you be willing to stump up cash for a Diablo 2 Remaster?

Would you buy a Diablo 2 Remaster?

  • Hell yeah! (77%, 2,854 Votes)
  • Possibly (12%, 442 Votes)
  • Just get on with Diablo 4 (9%, 340 Votes)
  • Not Interested (2%, 56 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,692

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In our last poll, we asked if you were going to pick up the Necromancer pack and this is how the results panned out.

Are you picking up the Necromancer Pack?

  • Yes - Pricing is perfect. Good job Blizzard! (52%, 767 Votes)
  • No - Not worth the cash. (32%, 470 Votes)
  • Undecided (15%, 226 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,463

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    33 thoughts on “Would you buy a Diablo 2 Remaster?

    1. Yes, I’m willing to pay for Diablo 2 Remastered, *BUT* only if no mandatory internet connection is required.

      (We wish to play Single Player offline, or family network play using TCP/IP like we are currently doing for D2X!)

      • I agree with you Diablo 3 isn’t as much fun due to having to use internet and it seems way to easy to beat Diablo 2 gives you more fun in the fighting monster areas. I hope they keep Diablo 2 so you don’t need internet if they do yeah I would so buy it.

    2. I don’t expect to love playing D2 the way I used to, but at least running it in 1080p with a normal mouse sensitivity would be worth the $20 or so I assume it would cost. I probably wouldn’t play it extensively, preferring PoE, but I’d buy it.

    3. D2 is my favorite game of all time and might be the only video game I’ll ever play again if it’s remastered.

    4. There would be a lot to do, to bring it to 2010s standard. The game is highly outdated on technical side.

    5. Not interested. Already played Diablo 2. Spin-off would be better until Diablo 4 comes around.

    6. If they remaster it and stay true to the original feel and grittiness then yes.

      If they literally just remaster the graphics and sound, then its a 100% buy.

      If they create a shared stash and increase the size, then that would be a nice bonus feature, as it would make risky muling finally obsolete for a lot of players.

      Until that day comes, I just keep playing it like normal while waiting for next ladder reset in a few months 🙂

    7. yeah if it’s the SAME GAME, but it looks nicer, then yeah remaster! it would also be nice if we coukd convert old characters? just a fun idea

    8. I don’t see the point… the orginal D2 and expansion are cool as they are.
      It’s like how movies are getting reboots these days, you can’t beat the orginal… doesn’t Blizzard have enough money yet…

    9. I’m convinced that the vision for the remainder of the Diablo franchise has been ruined by Blizzard South’s vision. Diablo 4 will be a disappointment, simply because Blizzard just doesn’t get it. They don’t understand horror and will continue to produce Halloween-esque scares into the remainder of the franchise’s history. No realistic lighting or effects anymore. Just cyan and orange glows around crowds of undecipherable mobs. So sickening what this franchise has/is turning into. I’m hoping a D2 remaster is on the horizon because I’d rather play a game that was a masterpiece than look forward to a disappointment.

    10. Keeping the essence of the game while giving it a better coat of paint like what they did with starcraft remastered, yes please.


    11. I would buy it for sure as long as they leave it alone for the most part. My biggest fear is that they would introduce some stupid mechanic or ruin what has made the game such a classic after all these years. A few little things like a bigger stash and auto gold pickup would be enough for me along with updated graphics that HAS to include the way light radius currently works in D2, not the bullshit they call lighting in D3.

    12. I Beta tested the original Diablo and Diablo II, this has always been my all time favorite game. My go to game when I am bored with everything else. I have been WAITING for someone to do this for years now! FINALLY! I thought, even if they didn’t do it but someone else did, would be fine with me!
      One of the best things about DII was the group play, I don’t see how you can get that back. But, I would definitely buy this game without hesitation… PLEASE REMASTER IT!

    13. Possibly.i justgot back into d2 yesterday actually..its great..and helping me through a rough time w/ my life now

    14. Yes, of course. I already bought SC Remaster and holy shit, it’s AWESOME. Sadly the only thing they updated was the graphics, I would have loved if they adjusted the pathing and then added in multi building select and more than 12 unit at once control groups, but meh. This’ present day Blizzard we’re talking about, they always have to disappoint to some extent. If D2 gets what SC got it’s going to be incredible, though. I doubt they’ll add shared stash or gold pick up, though. And that’s OK, D2 with better graphics is already worth the $20 or so it’ll cost. I expect it’ll be the big announcement at Blizzcon over at the small D3 booth next to the toilet. Probably that and the Amazon DLC.

      • Thank god they only improved the graphics and sound. If they would have allowed you to select multiple buildings or more than 12 units at a time, that would have changed the game entirely. The only reason WHY SC Remastered is a pure-winner, is exactly BECAUSE they didnt change things that you ask for.

        The shared Stash in D2, does not affect any other player, unlike multiple-building selection in SC1. The shared stash would not break the game in any way, and the benefit outweighs the change to the current way D2 works. I even argue that Left-Click to move items automatically from stash to character inventory, and equipping items through left-click, would also be a huge quality of life improvement without altering the game in any negative way.

    15. I don’t know, probably not, judging by how I’m not excited by StarCraft RM. And I used to love D2 and played it a lot (HC).
      It shows a real lack of direction or creativity in Blizzard that they’re doing these nostalgia projects instead of releasing new games, be it new IPs or continuations of their existing IPs. I mean what’s in the pipeline right now other than DLC for existing games? How will BlizzCon look like, hopefully not as lackluster as last year? Hopefully they’ll announce something major?

      • Blizzcon: WoW XPac, Overwatch XPac, Hearthstone XPac, HoTS new skins & heroes, D3 Amazon DLC, D2 HD, SC2 Tournaments…

        • Not to mention their two unannounced new IP’s: a mobile game of some description, and a new FPS (which they want lore knowledge of all their titles for; is it a HoTS shooter?)

    16. Really would like D4 first but a revamped Dii could be fun too. Was a beta tester for Dii, was a great time and game.

    17. Most likely YES! I would wait to see exactly how it was redone first. But most likely YES!!

    18. So I really think the bigger question is, “What QoL updates would people like to see in a D2 Remaster?”

      – Control click / Right click to move items between inventories
      This is my biggest irritation with the game. It is so tedious moving items individually.

      – Shared Stash / Bigger Stash
      But I don’t think it would happen. You’d have to modify the save games at that point, meaning you’d never be able to take a character back to non-remastered. This would also affect the servers for non-locally saved characters, meaning that you’d need different save formats on the ladder depending on whether or not you are a remastered copy, which I cannot see happening. The only way that would work is if they patched that in to normal D2 as well.

      – Activating skills directly from hotkeys instead of “equipping” the skill
      Would be nice for me, but I worry that it might have implications with the combat (not sure how that will work with auras for example)

      – Skill changes/fixes
      Was playing my hammerdin a week or so ago and the hammers have a real issue in tight locations like the maggot lair. When you shoot out a hammer it is immediately destroyed by hitting a wall, making it super difficult to hit anything. It would be nice to have a grace period where the hammer could clip through walls to make the skill friendlier to use.
      This is only one example of a skill change from my most recent playthrough, I’m sure there are a pile of other changes that could be made for other classes/skills too.

    19. PC Remasters are worthless for me. I am not a fan of multiplayer either so in my case a virtual Win98 or XP machine will do for my doses of D2. Also I have 4 D2 copies I used for muliboxing, it would be expensive to update all 4 when the advantages are so nimble. I am accustomed to playing games as old as 1990 so a 4K reskin is not on my priorities list.

      However, if those remasters where actually for Android, now this would start to become interesting…

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