The second (and final) batch of BlizzCon tickets are going on sale in just a few hours, at 10am Saturday morning, California time.  Use the link on the Blizzard Store page, and good luck.  We expect that, as with the first batch, these will sell out in seconds; literally, if you don’t get into the queue in the first few seconds, you’ll be too late.

    Some readers posted useful tips in the thread 3 days ago, including checking a global clock so you can refresh the page precisely at 10:00, and being very quick with your clicking. Also, AgentBilly pointed out that it’s best to click “accept” as soon as the ticket buying menu appears, to get into the queue ASAP. Just click yes with the default 1 ticket selected; you can adjust it to however many you like once you’ve gone through the full queue and reached the purchase page. In the .5 seconds you might take to select 2 or 3 on the menu, another 2500 people could hop ahead of you in line and get all the tickets. Your tickets. Your precious! Squeezes them. Does not let go.

    Update: And they’re gone…. just as quickly as the first batch, according to reader testimonials.

    Got in queue as it came online. Started at 7500 in line; queue sold out by time I hit 3600. Absolutely insane.

    Also: Diii.net site get together @ BlizzCon! Fans are asking, and the answer is… probably. We did before the 2008 show, but not last year. Scheduling is the when is the tricky part, since Blizzard or media events come up last minute that we have to attend, and our work schedule is unrelentingly busy during the show. But we’d like to organize a fan meet and greet, and we’ll post info about it as we get closer to the show this year.

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