Imagine if the items worked properly?

    Imagine if the items worked properly?

    Thanks to Trevor (One of the new Podcast audition dudes, most of who were very good. More on that soon.) for pointing us to some Blue replies in last week’s Theorycrafting Thursday post. Turns out there’s a Bul Kathos’ Oath Damage Bug with the full set bonus property on Bul Kathos’ Set, one apparently stemming from the same source as the bug that was previously hobbling the Monk’s DiabloWikiRaiment of a Thousand Storms set bonus.

    Hasn’t this build already been nerfed into the ground since they patched Rend?
    Nevalistis: This build was submitted before Patch 2.0.6 launched, so the bug that occurred with Rend when the patch hit that was subsequently hotfixed was never a consideration from either my or the player’s perspective.

    You do know that the Bul-Kathos´s Oath WW effect doesn´t benefit from any elemental skill damage bonuses including Physical, right?

    Its damage scales with aps, crit chance and crit damage (crit mod), which are directly included in its damage calculation. On top of that the effect may crit, in which case you gain squared benefit from crit damage.

    The crit mod + crit on top is exactly how the “bugged” Rend behaved shortly after patch 2.0.6 but Rend was fixed pretty fast heh ._.
    Nevalistis: Interesting. If that’s the case, which was not the impression I was under, I’ll make sure I have bring this point up. It’s possible it’s a bug, either way I’ll look into it.

    Fun fact – after asking about this, I’ve discovered this is actually a bug and the Oath set *should* be benefitting from +% Physical damage – as should all other Legendaries with specific elemental effects, such as the Fulminator or Maximus.

    We’re doing a pass on these Legendaries and making sure they interact properly with bonus elemental damage. It’s possible you’ll see this fix on a future PTR build, so keep an eye out for it and let us know how it feels once you can give it a whirl (pun totally intended).

    As games diversify in function post-release, it’s inevitable that fans wind up knowing specific details and minor issues in their areas/classes of expertise than the devs or CMs (or fansite admins) do, as they have to pay attention to the game on the whole. (And the community. And the media. And plan Blizzcon. Etc.) That’s my excuse, anyway, and I see no reason Nevalistis couldn’t adopt it as well.

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