Building a rig for Diablo 3

A new article cropped up on IGN today “The quest to be a PC Gamer”. While not a full preview of Diablo it does detail the author’s desire to get ready for Diablo 3. It is something I discussed in an article a few weeks back, and it’s good to see others are thinking likewise.

So, with as much technological ignorance as the next chump, I deemed Diablo III “too dangerous” for my computer and swore to find an alternative solution to play it before the retail version arrived.

You can check out the full article here.

2012 is just around the corner and  hopefully Diablo 3 is as well!  What are you doing( or have done) to make sure when the time comes you are good to go For D3?

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31 thoughts on “Building a rig for Diablo 3

  1. I’ve been putting off a new PC build for D3, but I could finally take it no longer and order all the parts this week. Buy the time D3 ships, everything will be fine tuned and ready to go.

    • now you guys are making me nervous!! do you think my laptop will run d3!!!???? its a toshiba satellite l755??

    • he point of this thread is to show your configuration that you will play D3 with….. Lets try to provide examples of a rig.
      Right now i’m looking for something w/o monitor less then $700 bucks for my Wife and $900 with me… Sorry thats my budget 😀
      My question is can someone get away w/ going with a $99 video card, and one thats fanless 🙂 Thinking of making a Shuttle XPC but concerned about PSU voltage.

  2. I’m wondering what iMac he had that it struggled on SC2 and couldn’t play D3 without going on fire. I’m thinking the early 2006 model.

  3. Bought a new gaming desktop a couple of months ago and have been playing through D2 with a necro, both to get psyched for D3 and to play a class that will no longer be available… Diablo is the only PC game I play, so a gaming rig from NewEgg was more than adequate.

  4. When I still thought it was coming out in December I bought a Dell XPS 7100 with an AMD 945 and ATI Radeon 6770 and 6GB of ram. Got it the system dirt cheap and it plays the beta  and SC2 just fine at max settings.

  5. Spent just under 3 grand on computer parts and accessories. Not just for Diablo obviously since it’s not a demanding game at all, but I had Diablo in mind when picking out the Case, led fans, and cpu heat sink.

  6. Saddly, I think my PC is in dire need of upgrades for D3 as well.  With all the new tech coming out though I’m sure there are going to be lots of great deals out there making now a good time to build.

  7. I built just before xmas.  i7 2600K evga mobo evga 560gtx 4G corsair ram and that sweet snow white corsair case also a corsair water cooler.  easy peasy for about $1100.  should have zero problems with D3.  oh, splurge for the SSD, sooooo awesome.  boots in 20 sec or less.  ivy bridge comes out this spring.  now is the time to build.  prices (except for HHDs) are at all time lows. DO IT DO IT!

    one last troll:  fellow D3 addicts (and gamers in general) let us establish these D3 commandments:

    1. Thou shall not play on a Commodore64. [sell some naked pictures and get a new box to achieve a fps above 7]

    2. Thou shall not party with others when playing wirelessly. [just because you can’t be PK’d doesn’t mean we all want to enjoy your 2348293 ping]

    3. For at least the first week, we kill everything. [let’s at least act like we’re not jaded D2 cronies only out for the AH and paths of least resistance]


  8. “My obsession started small. It started late. With every article that told of its endless loot and symphony of skills I found myself more interested in a series that I barely knew anything about. When word of the closed beta reached my desk I jumped at the chance to join in on the festivities. That night I went home and powered on my trusty iMac, installing the beta with rabid anticipation.”

    Wow he made it sound like getting a Beta Key was the easy part but finding a computer to play it on was the hard part lol. Iv played diablo 2 for YEARS and have anticipated this game long before it was anounced. I feel I am one of Diablo’s most dedicated fans and i have a computer that would easily run diablo 3 at max settings, yet i get no Beta access….

    • I would guess being an editor for IGN gets you a few things that aren’t as easy for the rest of us to get.

  9. I haven’t done anything to get ready because Diablo 3, from a resource perspective, is a chump. It doesn’t take a very beefy machine to run it on max.

  10. Doing nothing from my side. My rig is ready to chew D3 with ease. 

    Just release it already, damn it! 🙂

  11. My brother and I upgraded in september from Dell Laptops to our first home bred gaming machines in anticipation for d3.

    Unfortunately so far I have had nothing to even spark my interest let alone test out some power of my new NVidia 570 graphics card

    At the moment i’m playing terraria which is fun but hardly a graphics power house… but when D3 finally does come…. oh ill be ready…

    and @stonerdoom first play through totally agree going to kill everything, search every chest, loot every corpse, track down every side quest ahaha

  12. I built my PC almost 3 years ago. Its such a powerhouse that my PC will not need any upgrades at all to handle D3 as it is more then capable of running on machines even 6 years old. My Rig runs BF3 @ max settings with no slutter but a couple times during online play.

  13. Running an overclocked i7-920 @ 3.8Ghz with dual Radeon 6970s in [email protected]×1200 resolution. Pretty sure I’ll upgrade to a pair of 7970s once they become available on January 9th.

    I’ve played D3 at 5760×1200 but Blizzard in their infinite shortsightedness has not deemed it worthy to support triple monitor resolutions properly, so I have to choose the “Windowed full screen” option and that disables one of the video cards making framerates kinda choppy.

    Running at single monitor does enable crossfire to work and at 1920×1200 I get a constant 100-120fps.

    P.S: For those who don’t know you can check your framerate in game by typing “-showfps” in the chat window. Oh and there are a bunch of other commands you can try out. It works like a console and it has autocomplete, so you can type “-a” then press TAB and it will list all the commands available that start with “a” and so on. 

    • P.P.S: Or you can also just type “-” then press tab and it will list all of the available commands. There are 4 in total DUMPFPS, NOTIMER, SHOWFPS and SLEEPING.

    • Wait, you can play at 5760×1200 with eyeFinity in windowed mode ? I thought these resolutions would be completely unavailable in the game. So are you really saying you can see much wider than a 16:9 format ?

  14. Diablo 3 will run on about any new processor and a half decent mid range card im guessing. I’ll be amazed if its even a dx11 title.

  15. Well, I was going to upgrade for D3 and the perfect time was Black Friday a month ago. I got modest i5 2500K, 8 GB RAM, Radeon HD6850. Not the top of the line by any means but comparing with my old rig it was like exchanging bicycle for F35 fighter jet  😉
    Before that I *literally* had more RAM and processor power on my phone than desktop 😆

  16. This article is kind of similar to what I did… I’ve been almost exclusively a console gamer (with Diablo being the only major exception) up until recently.

    This fall my 4 year old laptop was starting to die and I knew I would definitely need a new system before D3 came out, so I hit the off topic forums here asking for some guidance. After a few weeks of researching makes & models I decided to go the “build your own” desktop route, and boy I’m sure glad I did.

    I recruited a computer programmer from work to help me put it all together, and soon enough I had a beastly rig for about $1,800 (I was prepared to spend $2,000 on a machine that would last me) and I’ve been loving Steam games ever since.

    Here’s a few components for those interested:
    i5-2500K, 8GB of RAM at 1600, a “Superclocked” EVGA GTX580, 120GB SSD and some other juicy parts as well 😀 (feel free to drop me a message if you want to know more)

    Every graphics intensive game I’ve tried so far has ran flawlessly on max settings, including Crysis, Metro 2033, The Witcher 2, and Arkham City… Oh I played the BF3 open beta briefly while that was available too (bought it later on 360).

    I am more than satisfied with the system and can’t wait to get my hands on D3!

  17. As I built a gaming rig earlier this year for around 7K I’m not especially worried about D3, or probably any other Blizzard game for the next decade 🙂
    Obviously I didn’t build it specifically for D3, as any mid range rig can usually run Blizzards games pretty well, but it has been awesome for all the other games I’m playing while waiting for D3.

      • No sales person for me, bought all the parts and built it myself.
        If you factor out all the import taxes for all the stuff I had to have shipped in and the local price premium over the US, it would probably be more around 6K I think.
        It’s pretty easy to rack up that kind of price tag when you don’t cut any corners… Custom water cooling for about $700, custom sleeved PSU extension cables from Psychosleeve for around $250, high end gaming headset with it’s own digital pre-amp for $300 (+$170 just for shipping!), overkill PSU for future expandability, fastest ram and highest capacity available at that time, a couple of the best GPUs available, a mammoth case to hold it all together. Also recently added an SSD which took me about $650, but it was totally worth it.
        It could have been more but even I have my limits 🙂
        A lot of people just buy a strong processor+ram+gpu and cobble it together in some shitty case with generic stuff and think they have an awesome rig. I prefer higher quality stuff myself 🙂

        • You do know you overpaid and the companies that sold you the parts are laughing their butts off all the way to the bank.  Rest of us should actually thank you for putting yourself out there to be a guinne pig to test all the flagship products before 2nd gen comes out. 

          It is safe to say most people would not spend 6K on a computer.  Unless you run data/graphic intensive research or programs (games don’t come close).  You have overextended yourself.  But if money is no concern, then thats cool.  Although it is like bringing a 600hp F1 car to a go-kart course.  You will never achieve the full potential of your machine. 

  18. Strange article.  I can’t imagine building a machine for D3 – it would be like saying “I’m building a machine for Bioshock” (the original from 2007).  Isometric camera pretty well limits the number of polygons on a given screen and the textures don’t look extremely detailed.  I just built a PC for my father-in law for Christmas for $410 in parts and I’m positive it will max D3.
    I have 2 gaming rigs that run WoW on full and Skyrim pretty decently.  Suffice it to say I will be doing NOTHING to prepare for D3 – buying an extra DIMM of RAM or upgrading the proc would just be a waste of cash.
    …buying a new mouse… now THAT is a worthy upgrade.

    • Good point about the isometric camera… WoW’s distance drawing probably taxes the processor more than D3 ever will (on Ultra).

  19. D3 is the only game I’m required to play on a PC so purchasing a PC for it suffices to me… Maybe play other games eventually but Diablo 3 will be my gateway drug 🙂

  20. Diablo will be the only game I play on my rig… I kind of build as a hobby so I took the whole thing apart, and rebuilt from the ground up with new heatsink.. just for fun.. not the fastest by a long shot but still a pretty mean machine. Phenom II X4 965 oc’d to 3.8, Radeon 6870 1GB, 64gb Patriot SSD, 8GB RAM.  Hopefully it will destroy the game 🙂

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