Build – The Almost Perma Archon

Build – The Almost Perma Archon

wizard perma archon

Sigh’s new Wizard build aims to allow you to have an almost permanent Archon state. Although it doesn’t require insane gear there is an emphasis on stacking up your Cooldown Reduction which is a challenge when critical chance and damage is also a consideration.  Still, he has a 56% CDR with this set up and although Archon restricts variety, it’s very fast and so ideal for farming too.  Sigh details active and passive skills and the type of gear needed to support this Wizard build

Note: Incidentally Sigh is a newly appointed Wizard Forum Moderator and in that forum he’s created a thread to introduce himself so if you’re a Wizard looking for a friendly place to be with other Wizards drop by and say hi to Sigh.

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    4 thoughts on “Build – The Almost Perma Archon

      • I do have a video of a rift I cleared before the Gloves of Worship were nerfed, but it’s still a pretty good example of how the build works. I’ll see if I can get it uploaded ^^

    1. Blizzard! Nerf it because,reasons.

      Probably will be nerfed. Becasue why not? It’s over performing ;p

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