Bug Check: Monsters Swarming Rift Entrances

Bugs can be dangerous.

Bugs can be dangerous.

Blizzard is asking for player feedback in identifying and fixing a problem with monsters spawning right on top of the entrances to Rifts. They want our reports of what tileset the problem occurred on, and what type of monsters it was, and if you can provide selfies, that would be ideal. Bug Check: Monsters Swarming Rift Entrances:

We’ve been receiving a fairly large number of reports of monsters attacking players just after entering a new Nephalem or Greater Rift level in the past few weeks. We’ve identified a few problem areas internally, but due to the random nature of how we generate levels and distribute monsters in Rifts, we would like to reach out to all of you for help in narrowing down specific situations in which this can occur.

In order to help us narrow down and hopefully resolve these issues, we need two data points:

Which map or “tileset” did you encounter the issue on?What types of monsters were near the entrance and attacking you when you zoned in?
Most of the problems that we are seeing with this are with specific combinations of the level itself and the types of monsters that the game has spawned in that level. Identifying which combinations are the biggest offenders may help us get these issues resolved.

In order to help us with this, we’d like to request that the community provide us with screenshots of instances of this occurring, that clearly show what tile set is in use, and which monsters were present near the entrance of the rift.

We appreciate your help in this, and thank you for all of the detailed reports you’ve provided already!

I saw this so frequently on the PTR for Patch 2.3 that I actually thought it was a feature, not a bug. That the devs had decided to spice up the adventuring, perhaps assuming everyone had recently upgraded their computers and eliminated long loading times. Apparently not!

Some sample screens players have submitted to the thread so far:

Anyone got horror stories to share? Lost Hardcore chars when you didn’t even have time to see what the enemies were before your fate, in a flashback to the good old days of Diablo 2 “loading art assets from the CD” style?

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  1. Quite an interesting constellation of news.
    Let’s demand that Blizzard …

    “[…a]re also investigating creatures which have been found to be actively using this exploit to gain an unfair advantage and [dungeon population] actions will be taken accordingly. This behavior not only undermines the spirit of fair play, but directly violates in-game policies for Diablo III. It is important […] to continue maintaining a stable, safe, and enjoyable online environment for all legitimate [factions]. This [should be] an ongoing investigation, and [they should] be continuing to monitor Battle.net and […] take additional action as needed. […]”

  2. What ?

    This has been in the game since they last reworked the Rifts a couple of months ago.

    Everyone was complaining about it as it makes every 10th GreaterRift or so an instant failed attempt for many Squishy solo chars. You can look up dozens of threads for PTR 2.1.2 that describe exactly this point.

    Wtf ? I don’t understand at all how people think this is new or how Blizzard thinks its a new bug.

    I guess with the new patch/season more players are doing GRs again and they simply forgot this atrocious annoying fucking “bug”.

    • Yeah, I think this used to happen a few patches ago. Then they seemed to fix it. But now it’s back, and it’s back worse than ever. I don’t ever recall encountering it personally when people were complaining about it a while ago, suggesting it was a little rarer, but now it seems like almost every other rift this shit happens to me.

  3. I think it’s a great throwback to Diablo 1 Stairtraps! Egad, those giant demons in the lava levels 9-12!! I lost some fantastic items to stair traps back then.

    Last night I was in a TX rift, zooming ahead of the other 3 as a whirlybarb is wont to do. Went down into the next level – it was an A5 graveyard. Yay! Two bosspacks immediately on entrance. Spun through them to avoid a lot of nasty arcane turrets, and woke up three more bosspacks just past them. It was bedlam. So fun. Also, incredibly laggy, but that is another discussion.

    • +1

      Acid dogs in the catacombs, especially the boss one with the machine-gun spits, were the epitome. Also the Hidden, since they started the level ‘active’ without the player having to walk near them, so if there was a path from their spawn point to the stairs, you’d often be surrounded within 30 seconds.

  4. I reported this shize EVERY DAY on the PTR. I sent them screenshots. I told my friends to send them screenshots.

  5. this has been an issue forever wow…

  6. If this was the issue i previous season I didn’t notice or register it. This season however it happen enough times in close succesion I actually noticed it but like flux I assumed it’s a feature rather then a bug – an annoying and potentially deadly feature…

  7. Once upon a time they fixed this. Then everyone complained about GR density and patch after patch the debs began to tweak density. This is when it first started, with some mobs spawning close enough to the entrance to immediately aggro you. In this latest patch however it seems the mobs are spawning literally on top of you sometimes.

    Not many people know this but when entering a GR you are immune until you do something. That means press a skill, click anything, do anything. If you do literally nothing after clicking the rift portal you will spawn and be immune until you take some action. Had seen this reported several times on the bnet HC forums and tested and confirmed it myself the other day.

    • As far as I understand, you are not technically ‘immune’, but you simple do not aggro mobs until you move. Your followers/minions can aggro, however.

      • I stood there while mobs wailed on me and did not seem to take any damage. In fact the elite pack summoned a mess of arcane beams that passed right through me with zero effect. The second I hit my summon zombie dogs key, however, I instantly proc’ed spirit vessel.

        I have heard however that there may be some sort of unknown time limit on the immunity.

      • You can move. What you can’t do, is interacting with the environment (clicking on a mob, barrel, chest, …) other than the exit to the previous level/camp you came from or activating any skills (iirc apart from teleporting back to camp).

        And it’s a complete immunity up to that point. Though it does run out after a few seconds. -> Hadn’t exactly stopped the time, yet, but the invulnerability is active at least 5 seconds. From levels with low density at the beginning I’d guess the invulnerability is on for about 8 to 10 seconds max.

  8. Have seen it a few times, but nothing seemed to do damage to me until I moved. I assumed there was mercy invulnerability for everyone, but apparently not.

  9. Added a few screenshots to the thread . T8 today the rare pack that appeared at the start of the rift exploded I was caught in the doorway and died 😛

    • There’s more to this than packs spawning on the entrance. How did they explode?

      I personally have no problem with this. Only because of the immunity given on entrance. My comp is 8 years old so i get some really bad load times going from level to level and have had packs beating on me when the screen loads. It didn’t take me long to realise the immunity was there as i have already lost a Barb to stutter caused by my machine while fighting multiple packs.

      I can see how getting surrounded on the entrance by a pack and not being able to move as being an annoyance but every char in HC should be running with an ability to get ‘unstuck’. And SC can face-die there way past them so no biggie.

  10. Personally it makes sense for the monster to hang around the entrance, it is where the meat comes in, only the strongest and biggest alpha monsters would hang there with the prime right at the door step. 😛

  11. Easiest way to avoid this issue: Press escape just after the loading screen appears when you load up a GR and you’ll enter with it paused. Works equally well with any other load screen.

    If you’re in a group, nope.

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